Tidings of Great Joy

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Izzy Folau

4th December

CHURCH BELLS HAVE BEEN RINGING throughout the land all morning as people wake up to greet the tidings of great joy. Rubbing their eyes in disbelief, they discover that Rugby Australia has finally agreed with Israel Folau: that total tosser Peter Fitzsimons is indeed going to hell, and the rest of his degenerate mates on the Left are also going with him. (That RA’s decision means 99% of the rest of Australia will also be going, is beside the point.)

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It's just satire, really.
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1 Response to Tidings of Great Joy

  1. John says:

    LOL, Pity Izzy did not Bankrupt RA. My bet is AJ told RA to sack Izzy, then the demise of RA would have been AJ’s Fault. Only the Petty Gays it appears were upset, no other group mentioned actually gave a Flying Rats.


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