Lebanese Survey Devastation after Massive Beirut Explosion ...

“Beirut is booming again.” – Reuters

When half of the capital city of your Muslim-majority shit-hole country is blown away with 2,500kg of ammonium nitrate, who else are Muslims gonna blame but Israel? After all, if  transforming the Christian-majority ‘Paris of the Middle East’ into a Muslim-majority corruption-ridden shit-hole by Islamists in the 1980s could be blamed on the Jews, why not this too? That Hezbollah – who control the port – through sheer incompetence accidentally blew the shit out of themselves must be catagorically denied. And, like everything else that goes wrong in their fucked-up Muslim-majority countries, the blame should be instead pinned squarely on the Jews.

This is the line the obscurantist Waleed Aly was trying to pitch to his vacuous-majority viewers on the Project the other night. Predictably, howls of outrage and accusations of anti-Semitism ensued, all levelled at the swarmy, silver-tongued little fraud, and rightly so.

But how many were reminded, after watching the segment, that after Covid-19 has long-gone, and likely long after China has us all kowtowing and singing the praises of Xi Jinping, that Aly and his mendacious mates in the Muslim Brotherhood will still be here amongst us? That Waleed Aly, along with his legion of leftist enablers will be still active in our society: lying, attacking and white-anting away at our core-beliefs until the medieval caliphate is finally ushered in and all our miserable heads, impaled on stakes, line the highways and byways of this great nation of ours?
Pass the shot-gun, Alice…

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