Middle East Breakthrough

Winning again.

Fox news reporter to Trump supporter at a rally: “Why are you going to vote for Trump and not Biden?”
“Because he’s real.
Another: “Because he’s conscious.”
Which I thought were both compelling arguments.
“Because he’s also Nobel Prize-winning material” would also have been equally valid.

The UAE and Bahrain’s recognition of Israel provide more proof of Trump’s brilliance and determination to get things done. With this excellent news, however, am I also right to conclude (reading between the lines) that, if they were free to do so, a great majority of Arabs would choose greater prosperity over having to continuously bang their heads on the floor five times a day? My guess is, yes. It goes without saying.

And that sticking it to the Palestinians terrorists and their Western-elite supporters, who are wailing and gnashing their teeth again in fury, is itself a very good thing? Once again, yes, of course it is.

Malawi and Serbia have announced they will be moving their embassies to Jerusalem too. Why won’t Scott Morrison do the same with our embassy?  Answer: above all, keeping Indonesia on side while we push back against China.

Joko might not personally give a toss what Australia does, but his powerful deputy is an entirely different matter. Ma’ruf Amin, an Islamist (and therefore a particularly committed head-banging aficionado), would ensure that millions of others of his supporters took to the  streets to ensure Australia and Australians paid dearly.

But if the Saudis, as is rumoured, were next to follow suit, then that would be a real victory for Trump and Western civilisation. And a real set-back for the self-hating Western elites. A stunning outcome, not least for the likelihood of that anti-Semite and monumental idiot (who insists on going by the name of Nick McKim) spitting his dummy, collapsing to the floor and rolling about in rage – and probably frothing at the mouth even more than usual. Other more deep-rooted Israel-haters, like the Stalinist Lee Rhiannon, might take a more dignified approach in their despair, and blow their brains out in private somewhere. But it’s up to them, really.

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