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Stand Strong for Who You Are – A Dickhead

To the NSW Art Gallery where I see they’ve once again chosen a notable piece of trash as the winner of the Archibald Prize. This time it’s the composite work by Vincent Namatjira, which depicts typical scenes from the daily life of that notorious prima-donna, Adam Goodes.

Particularly vivid is a scene where Goodes singles out the teenage football fan, who was promptly snatched from the crowd by BLM goons and hustled away to a secret holding-cell somewhere where she was subsequently interrogated and tortured by Dan Andrews’ fascist regime.

The main scene, however, where Goodes menacingly threatens to spear white Aussie football fans, is ambiguous. Is he doing this because whities refuse to take the knee in his presence? Is it because they refuse to waste their money watching his ridiculous film, ‘The Final Quarter’?

Or is it just because he’s a dickhead? It’s not entirely clear.
Though cleverly implied in the title, ‘Stand Strong for Who You Are – A Dickhead,’ to remove any ambiguity in the painting itself Namatjira really needed to plaster words to that effect all over the place. Otherwise (except to the virtue-signalling Archibald committee) the painting is completely worthless.

In the visitor’s comments book on the way out, alongside such luvvie comments as “wonderful,” “heart-warming” and “inspirational,” noting the complete absence of sick-bags accompanying the exhibit is the best I can do.

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