Achievement Award?


John Liston Byam Shaw 003.jpg    Meghan Markle Will Be More Than Just a Wife to Prince Harry
Queen Markle (left), Queen Jezebel (right)

Opening the papers today, amongst all the doom and gloom, a reason to rejoice: Meghan Markle has proclaimed herself ‘THE most trolled person in the known universe. This is tremendous news coming from the Queen-wannabe, but few would argue that it was not unexpected. Nor that it was not richly deserved. Let’s face it, not even Jezebel – were she to be alive today – could have even approached this level of public acclaim. And Lady Macbeth must be spinning over and over in her grave in fits of rage and jealousy.

Is there a special  U.N. award for this?
I really don’t know.
But perhaps Meghan, knowing that the real Queen, William, Kate and the rest of the Royal Household (plus countless millions around the world) would be doing cart-wheels and breaking out the champagne (possibly even getting pissed) in celebration right now, is surely reward enough in itself. The question remains whether poor Harry is secretly thinking likewise.

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