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Virtue-Signalling Woke-Warriors

  Angus bloody Campbell THE SCENE: Inner chambers of the Evil Empire, Beijing. The evil Emperor Xi holds court with his most trusted secret evil envoy, the really evil and totally self-serving, Tin-Tin Rudd. Tin-Tin Rudd: And in outright defiance … Continue reading

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Biden-Family Crime Syndicate

Hunter Biden According to my copy of Mao’s Little Red Book for Dummies, the revolutionary rank and file don’t necessarily need to demonstrate just how woke they are by regularly strutting around the house bare-naked and smoking crack while doing … Continue reading

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Shafting the Japanese: A Squalid Little Deal – Or Sound Policy?

The devastating political fall-out over the subs contract going to the French and not to the Japanese continues to resonate. As do the sounds of millions of cheap Chinese champagne corks going “pop”. Despite predicting an unprecedented amount of grovelling and … Continue reading

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