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Fatty-Fatty Kill Joy

Lauren Rosewarne (centre) and other queer people Dear Diary, Today I asked myself, “What good can I do in the world if I look like a small hippo?” So many people I see on the telly, who look like me … Continue reading

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Election Postmortem – Part 2

The Green and Gay moral commisars polled badly, but not badly enough. Having completely destroyed the Tasmanian economy and relentlessly pushed their immoral marriage manifesto as if that was all that mattered, most of the electorate ditched them and voted … Continue reading

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Buddy’s Post-Election Bash

The promised invite to Palmer Uniting Party PUP’s Victorian candidate Buddy Rojek’s post-election “Huge party” for his faithful volunteers finally arrives. Eager to cosy up to Clive and his billions in any way I can, especially in this way, I prepare myself … Continue reading

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Clive’s Weiner

It’s rare that I’d ever recommend anyone following the regular American habit of exposing their genitals to draw attention to themselves but, with Clive Palmer, it might just work. In secret talks with the billionaire mining magnate, I explore the … Continue reading

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Burqa-Free Bondi

No matter how much they try, the hideous assortment of half-witted women on the left of politics in Australia will not stop us men from the joys of lust. The latest policy review from the Australian Human Rights Commission’s (dominated … Continue reading

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Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies

The aftermath of the Rudd Restoration continues, but in an unexpected way. Thinking that the desperate banging on the door early this morning was the ‘Rescind Julia Gillard’s Entire Pension Immediately’ door-knock appeal coming around again, I was reaching from … Continue reading

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