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Lefty Media Mirth

Austria’s New Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz With the anti-immigrant parties storming to power in Austria on the weekend, a brief look at the leftist media’s reaction to the results promises to be entertaining. Given the scale of this monumental Lefty-crushing event, … Continue reading

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Nauru Files – Marr (Again)

David Marr Andrew Denton yesterday, speaking of legally-assisted voluntary euthanasia, reminded me of the lack of progress of my own mandatory euthanasia campaign. From the day that The Guardian was first published in Australia, the need for urgent measures to … Continue reading

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Welcoming in the New Year

It’s that time of the year again to start the journal anew. Time to roll up the sleeves and start attacking the Islamist running dogs again both at home. The running dogs being, of course, those crypto-Islamists and Leftists who … Continue reading

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‘I Am Surrender Monkey’

Now that the European street marches have finished and all that tearful hand-wringing and group hugging is over, I decided that I might as well take down the sign from my bedroom window. Though my brilliant, nation-wide ‘Stick an ‘I … Continue reading

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Spies Expose Politically Deviant Academic

 Political Satire An Australian newspaper’s security services have intercepted a damning series of emails containing horrendously incorrect terms of abuse which have this week resulted in the dismissal of Professor Barry Spurr from his office of Professor of Poetry at … Continue reading

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Crazed Lunatic Not a Muslim After All

(WARNING: Political satire follows) Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the crazy lunatic who besieged the café in downtown Sydney yesterday resulting in the tragic deaths of two of the hostages turned out to be just that: a crazed … Continue reading

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More Moral Chutzpah from Marr

There is always an ever-present feeling of nausea accompanying any reading of an article by David Marr. And his lecture to Australians in yesterday’s Guardian about their treatment of illegal boat refugees was no exception. In fact, such was the … Continue reading

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First TV Debate

Quiet morning, really. Analysis of the TV debate last night fails to tell us anything new, other than Rudd cheated by using notes when he wasn’t supposed to. Big deal. He’s been lying and cheating for most of his political … Continue reading

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Magic Cream

News in the Guardian of the birth of a son to William and Kate distracts me from my duties. But only for a moment: for on the very same page David Marr, arch anti-Catholic paedophile hunter and staunch refugee advocate, … Continue reading

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PNG Solution: Part 3

Predictable howls of outrage and utter disbelief from the Left and human-rights advocates roll in. Refugee lawyers complain bitterly. Once ready to sue the ass off the government at the drop of a hat, they complain about the ‘iniquitous injustice’ … Continue reading

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