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Spilling the Beans

Of course I have always known about Australian journalist Wilfred Burchett being on the KGB payroll since 1957, and his outing by Robert Manne in The Monthly magazine this week is old news. ASIO’s secret briefings to me about such … Continue reading

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Vintage Bob (Part 2)

Dr Abdullah’s theory is finally broached. Did the early Mohs* use cryptic facial expressions as a means of defeating Islamophobia? Does Bob’s CIA mates think Islamists will revert to similar means, knowing now their web activities are being closely watched … Continue reading

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Stopping the Boats: Part 1

My outing of Eddy Husic as a possible deep-cover Al-Qaeda agent (July 3) passes virtually without notice from the media. The Coalition rightly pronounces it to have been entirely expected, a foregone conclusion, but there have been rumblings of unease … Continue reading

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Mistaken Identity

Another early knock on the door this morning, this time a discreet visit from ASIO.  The young agent came to correct me, saying that they have looked through their entire records and have no evidence of Ed ever having been … Continue reading

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Multiculturalist Triumph

With the swearing-in of the latest Al-Qaeda deep-cover agent into his cabinet, Rudd’s exciting new government is complete. As Ed Husic takes the oath of office, swearing by the Koran, the GG confirms it as “a wonderful day for multiculturalism and … Continue reading

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