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A number of readers have emailed me to enquire why I didn’t include Vladimir Putin on the list of “Usual Suspects” donors I should approach in support of the Assange cause. (See 11/feb post) The simple reason is that it … Continue reading

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The Loneliness of the Long Distance Freedom-Fighter(s)

Meantime, holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, accused rapist and alleged freedom-fighter Julian Assange is perhaps deserving of our sympathy. Having gleefully passed on Australia’s secrets to some of her greatest enemies (Political Islam, The board of the … Continue reading

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Vintage Bob (Part 2)

Dr Abdullah’s theory is finally broached. Did the early Mohs* use cryptic facial expressions as a means of defeating Islamophobia? Does Bob’s CIA mates think Islamists will revert to similar means, knowing now their web activities are being closely watched … Continue reading

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Vintage Bob (Part 1)

Lunch with Foreign Minister Carr to discuss Ed Snowden’s shenanigans. We meet downstairs in the first of Bob’s new award-winning Australian chain of Civil War-themed cafés, ‘The Robert E. Lee.’ I barely get time to take my seat before he … Continue reading

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What’s In a Word? Today: Islamophobia (Part 5)

Now that Ed Snowden has revealed to the world that NSA is illegally intercepting our email, I’m keen to know from Bob Carr how his American contacts believe the Islamists are likely to react. Is it possible they will be … Continue reading

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Stopping the Boats: Part 1

My outing of Eddy Husic as a possible deep-cover Al-Qaeda agent (July 3) passes virtually without notice from the media. The Coalition rightly pronounces it to have been entirely expected, a foregone conclusion, but there have been rumblings of unease … Continue reading

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