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HomoFascism: 2+2 = 5 (Plus A Hidden Crock of Sh*t)

  WELCOME TO All the signs are there. The violence, the intimidation, the coercion … the terror. Inspired by the some of the intimidatory methods employed by the Brownshirts, Gestapo and the SS to get Hitler into power and to keep him in … Continue reading

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LGBTQIA Employer of the Year

Anyone thinking that a plebiscite on the Gay Marriage is a good idea should read the report by the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, who beg to disagree. Before you do so, you should know that PwC won the absurd Australia’s 2015 employer … Continue reading

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Conference Notes

CFMEU President and part-time Comanchero Norm Meyer Off to the ALP Conference 2105 today only to see that my motion to declare the trade union movement a masquerade and a gigantic swindle has gained little traction. This, in spite of me paying … Continue reading

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The Loneliness of the Long Distance Freedom-Fighter(s)

Meantime, holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, accused rapist and alleged freedom-fighter Julian Assange is perhaps deserving of our sympathy. Having gleefully passed on Australia’s secrets to some of her greatest enemies (Political Islam, The board of the … Continue reading

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I’m at a loss to explain why President Putin still won’t return my calls. It’s quite puzzling, really. Even after I promised to stop calling him “Putie-Pute” just in case NSA were tapping his phone as well, I’ve heard nothing back … Continue reading

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Schapelle – Poor, Dear, Innocent little Lamb

After much extensive soul-searching (approx. 3 seconds) I’ve concluded that I won’t give a flying toss if that guilty-as-hell, bare-faced liar Schapelle Corby is not released and remains in gaol for another 9 years. I will care a flying toss … Continue reading

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Election Postmortem – Part 2

The Green and Gay moral commisars polled badly, but not badly enough. Having completely destroyed the Tasmanian economy and relentlessly pushed their immoral marriage manifesto as if that was all that mattered, most of the electorate ditched them and voted … Continue reading

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