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Palestinian Two-State Solution Set-Back

Sad news for the Palestinian cause yesterday as their bid to impose a UN peace resolution on Israel fails to get the required 9 votes in the Security Council. Odd thing that Australia was the only other country that joined … Continue reading

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Cultural Matters

Bad news from Iraq again today: this time it’s about paedophilia. So I naturally decide to skim through my newly arrived copy of Waleed Aly’s ‘Shariah For Aussie Kids (Vol 2)’ to see what it has to say about it. … Continue reading

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The Loneliness of the Long Distance Freedom-Fighter(s)

Meantime, holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, accused rapist and alleged freedom-fighter Julian Assange is perhaps deserving of our sympathy. Having gleefully passed on Australia’s secrets to some of her greatest enemies (Political Islam, The board of the … Continue reading

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Lynch the Racist?

Good news that, for Jake (‘the-shit’) Lynch,  Director of the University of Sydney’s Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies and rabid supporter of the Islamist front organisation BDS’* campaign to destroy Israel, judgement day may have moved a little bit … Continue reading

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NOT Mohammad

Major concerns in the UK that the naming of the new heir to the throne as ‘George’ has resulted in less widespread rioting in the streets than was widely-anticipated. With only 50 cars out of the usual 5,000 cars torched … Continue reading

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Terrorism or Camel Sickness?

Note: In his ‘Reliance of the Traveller’, the 14th century scholar al-Misri defined camel sickness as “symptoms displayed by camels as they act irrationally and hysterically in the face of circumstances they are just too stupid to understand.” News of … Continue reading

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Jakarta Junket Jaunt

Looking at the papers today I can’t quite make up my mind if Kevin’s bold takeover yesterday of the NSW Right is a good thing or a bad thing for my wallet, so I think I’ll hold off for a … Continue reading

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Multiculturalist Triumph

With the swearing-in of the latest Al-Qaeda deep-cover agent into his cabinet, Rudd’s exciting new government is complete. As Ed Husic takes the oath of office, swearing by the Koran, the GG confirms it as “a wonderful day for multiculturalism and … Continue reading

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Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies

The aftermath of the Rudd Restoration continues, but in an unexpected way. Thinking that the desperate banging on the door early this morning was the ‘Rescind Julia Gillard’s Entire Pension Immediately’ door-knock appeal coming around again, I was reaching from … Continue reading

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