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Trashing Trad

Michaelia to the Rescue Really enjoyed watching that dickhead Keysar Trad (President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils) working up a sweat, trying to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes on the Bolt Report last night. Ultimately failing to whitewash the Koranic … Continue reading

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French Burkini Break-through

Covered Meat As a dinky-di Aussie, a difficult question to answer. Which is: “What was the greatest achievement in the history of Western civilisation that occurred yesterday and worth celebrating the most? Was it, (A) Kyle Chalmers’ 100m free-style gold medal win in Rio? Or, … Continue reading

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A Clarification

Muslimus-chickus Australis A phone call from Keysar Trad at the Islamic Friendship Association today requesting clarification of my last post. The use of the word “mole”, describing Mona Shindy was misleading, he tells me, because the word “mole” has at least … Continue reading

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Give Islam An Inch …

Creeping Shariah in Indonesia The caning of the 66 year old Christian woman for selling alcohol in the Indonesian province of Aceh last week is more proof of the insidious and diabolical nature of Shariah Law. Once any of it … Continue reading

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Islamism Is For Aussies – Funding Threat

Tumultuous changes in the Labor government demand the occasional sacrifice of principals. With the usual speaker still down with some mysterious disease caught at the EID festival last year, I am dragooned into delivering a speech to the ‘Is Islam … Continue reading

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What’s in a Word? Today: Islamophobia (Part 2)

As everyone of course knows, the term Islamophobia was invented by (the now late) Mr Osama Bin Laden to refer to people who didn’t agree with his idea of rearranging the New York skyline. The term Islamophobia has long since … Continue reading

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Egypt Protests

Tensions rise in Egypt as President Morsi stands firm despite 22 million purported signatures demanding his resignation. Huge crowds of demonstrators in Tahrir Square and elsewhere protest about food and petrol shortages as well as the undermining of secular rights … Continue reading

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