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Aussie Fatwah

After the outrageous attack on our illustrious General Angus Campbell, my idea of launching an Aussie fatwah against Stephen Conroy for blasphemy seems to be gaining traction. Of course I’ve copied the idea from the Muslim world where, as we … Continue reading

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The Greens – Final Thoughts

Quite taken aback today to hear the news that Charlotte Church would prefer to ‘poke her eyes out with sticks’ rather than appear on the UK’s X-Factor judging panel. Astounded, in fact, to realise that she would be the first … Continue reading

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What’s in a Word? Today: Islamophobia (Part 1)

Robert Fisk, the great journalist and apologist for all things Arab, writes in the Independent his regret that mainstream reporting in the UK greatly avoids the use of the word ‘Muslim.’ Unlike the rest of the world, he says, UK … Continue reading

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