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What Lies Beneath 2

    Captain Mona Shindy The Freedom of Information Act is a wonderful thing, allowing, amongst other things, investigative reporters to reveal what our leaders have been really saying to each other in private, while they pretend otherwise. Cutting to … Continue reading

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A Clarification

Muslimus-chickus Australis A phone call from Keysar Trad at the Islamic Friendship Association today requesting clarification of my last post. The use of the word “mole”, describing Mona Shindy was misleading, he tells me, because the word “mole” has at least … Continue reading

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Give Islam An Inch …

Creeping Shariah in Indonesia The caning of the 66 year old Christian woman for selling alcohol in the Indonesian province of Aceh last week is more proof of the insidious and diabolical nature of Shariah Law. Once any of it … Continue reading

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Mona Shindy – Distressing News

Captain Mona Shindy Keel-hauling – out of the question too? (Caution: Trigger-Warning) After my post yesterday I’ve been inundated by emails pointing out a deplorable state of affairs. And that is, Naval Court Martial tribunals presiding over cases of high-treason, are no longer … Continue reading

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What Lies Beneath

Mona Shindy Ex-ADF heart-throb? (let’s hope so.) The revelations last year that the Muslim ADF and mainstream-media heart-throb Mona Shindy holds typical Muslim views should come as no surprise to anyone. Just scratch the surface (for example, by giving them a … Continue reading

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