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Fast Forward 1400 Years

Penny Wong “The injustice of it all”? Mohammed certainly wouldn’t have dismissed as mentally-deficient many of those non-Middle Eastern women appearing on the scene 1400 years or so later, certainly not women such as our own Caroline Overington, Janet Albrechtsen, Julie Bishop or … Continue reading

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Shadow Finance Minister for Lesbianism

In advance of the Gay Mardi Gras scheduled for Sydney tonight, I received disturbing news yesterday that Penny Wong, the Labor shadow Finance Minister for Lesbianism will also be attending. Having lost her mobile number after the fall of her … Continue reading

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That Sinking Feeling

Cause for much celebration as The Guardian’s headlines confirm Australia’s beloved leader may not be so beloved after all. Polling in his normally safe Labor seat has Rudd trailing the LNP candidate (‘some Abbott-loving pisshead’) by a wide margin. Normally … Continue reading

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Labor Sex-Appeal

Pity poor Rudd. After Abbott compliments Liberal candidate Fiona Scott for having sex-appeal, Rudd’s at a loss what to do. We need to respond in kind, I tell him. A Labor equivalent needs to be quickly found to prove to … Continue reading

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Further to the issue of unexplained converts to Islam another possible reason comes from a young woman in Yorkshire courtesy of a Channel 4 documentary. She confesses that, unlike all of her best friends, she wasn’t at all a noisy … Continue reading

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