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Royal Commission Witch Hunt

$100 million and 1 year, apparently. I can’t make up my mind about this royal commission into the Trade Unions. On the one hand, we have the Labor Party leader Bill Shorten dismissing it as a political  witch-hunt, a complete … Continue reading

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Labor Sex-Appeal

Pity poor Rudd. After Abbott compliments Liberal candidate Fiona Scott for having sex-appeal, Rudd’s at a loss what to do. We need to respond in kind, I tell him. A Labor equivalent needs to be quickly found to prove to … Continue reading

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Rudd Vs Abbott Debate

Not long to go before the big TV debate. All Rudd has to do is to pretend he’s not a fraud. All Abbott has to do is to pretend he’s not a jerk. Whoever wins tonight will go up in … Continue reading

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The Greens – Final Thoughts

Quite taken aback today to hear the news that Charlotte Church would prefer to ‘poke her eyes out with sticks’ rather than appear on the UK’s X-Factor judging panel. Astounded, in fact, to realise that she would be the first … Continue reading

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Challenges to Free Speech

Disturbing news on the electioneering front. The failure of Nicola Roxon’s bill to suppress free-speech earlier this year forced a Labor rethink on how otherwise to address critical challenges to Labor’s election campaign of mass flim-flam, such as pesky reporters asking … Continue reading

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Bring It On

Rudd to call the election date today. September 7 seems to be it. Everything’s in place. The Rudd pre-Restoration baggage has been papered over, ignored, blamed on Gillard, or flatly denied. Corruption is the fault of the NSW Right, or in … Continue reading

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A Sheikh for the Senate

I see that failed ex-director of GetStuffed! (previously known as ‘GetUp!’), Simon Sheikh, is in trouble again, but I don’t think he should resign from The Greens. As is well known, Sheikh’s relentless online GetUp! campaign to get everyone in … Continue reading

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Clive’s Weiner

It’s rare that I’d ever recommend anyone following the regular American habit of exposing their genitals to draw attention to themselves but, with Clive Palmer, it might just work. In secret talks with the billionaire mining magnate, I explore the … Continue reading

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Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Off with the PM and his wife on the weekend for another bout of electioneering and photo-ops. This time, Afghanistan. And why not? Shopping centre excursions and shaking hands with the locals are out this trip, Kevvie advises Therese, who … Continue reading

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Gay-Marriage – A Solution

A moment of madness with our mad Emperor-in-waiting this morning. The PNG Manus Island refugee solution is starting to show major fractures, and on TV Rudd looks as though he’s likely to fall apart at the seams very soon. Wildly … Continue reading

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