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More Moral Chutzpah from Marr

There is always an ever-present feeling of nausea accompanying any reading of an article by David Marr. And his lecture to Australians in yesterday’s Guardian about their treatment of illegal boat refugees was no exception. In fact, such was the … Continue reading

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Bio-Markers (1)

Greatly excited after reading an article in New Scientist about the discovery of certain so-called ‘bio-markers’ in our DNA and the enormity of what they promise. Scientists have found unique markers which can genetically pin-point a person’s predispositions to certain … Continue reading

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Schapelle – Poor, Dear, Innocent little Lamb

After much extensive soul-searching (approx. 3 seconds) I’ve concluded that I won’t give a flying toss if that guilty-as-hell, bare-faced liar Schapelle Corby is not released and remains in gaol for another 9 years. I will care a flying toss … Continue reading

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Morning again in Canberra

[ The story so far: The Green and Gay Progressive Left remain in a state of denial over last November’s catastrophic election defeat as a dark shadow – of a decidedly non-rainbow hue –  descends upon their land. With the … Continue reading

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Stopping the Boats: Part 1

My outing of Eddy Husic as a possible deep-cover Al-Qaeda agent (July 3) passes virtually without notice from the media. The Coalition rightly pronounces it to have been entirely expected, a foregone conclusion, but there have been rumblings of unease … Continue reading

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