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“Why, I Can Smile, And Murder Whiles I Smile”

 Butler Velvet-tongued, murderous, progressive bigot – or just another Leftist cutie-pie? Teri Butler may not be as physically twisted and deformed as Richard III, but isn’t that often the case with many of these Lefty fanatical, ideologically-twisted female flag-bearing Progressive bigots? Isn’t … Continue reading

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Correct Thinking: 2 + 2 = 5

Terri Butler “Babeus Absolutus Articulatus Intelligentus, or Chickus Littlus-Dictatorialus Stalinistus Bansheeus?” Very excited that today I will be attending my very first Cultural Awareness training session. Modelled on the highly-successful Vietnamese re-education camps set up after the fall of Saigon in … Continue reading

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