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Rudd At the UN?

UN Secretary General Kewin Wudd (An artist’s impression) I can’t make up my mind about Rudd’s bid for the UN Secretary General post. Of course his credentials perfectly match the  job description (published on their website), so I can’t quibble about that: “Fatuous … Continue reading

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NT Child Abuse

Absolutely appalled to hear the news about the  treatment of some of our indigenous kids at the hands of their Northern Territory gaolers. Most of these young, impressionable kids have been locked up for the most trifling excuse: knifing a social … Continue reading

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Greens Defence Policy

Peter Whish-Wilson Greens Defence Spokesperson Of course the Greens oppose the $50 billion submarine contract and the rest of the 54 ship-building projects announced by the Coalition, opting to build a few canoes in Adelaide instead, just to prove the Coalition’s … Continue reading

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The God-Awful Truth, And Nothing But The Truth

Most of us in the West are now sick to death of the media’s relentless campaign of moral outrage over the Middle Eastern migrant crisis: its 24-hour, non-stop hysterical onslaught of virtue-signalling that aims to bludgeon us all into accepting complete guilt and total responsible for their plight. That is, … Continue reading

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Gold Logie Outrage

“Uncle” Tim Soutphommasane A little Stalinist sh*t? The Left’s insidious apostasy laws were once again in the news last Thursday when Race Discrimination Commissioner “Uncle” Tim Soutphommasane denounced as “casual racism” remarks by a Channel 10 presenter highlighting discrimination against … Continue reading

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Head MTP honcho, Uncle Tim In Soviet Russia, political dissidents were certified and locked up in mental institutions by the KGB on the grounds that the dissidents just really couldn’t understand that they lived in a ‘Worker’s Paradise’ – so they just had to be insane. Funny … Continue reading

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Truth Ministries Devastated

                    Tim Soutphommasane                                 Adam Goodes Much crying, sobbing and gnashing of teeth as Australia’s Ministries of Truth … Continue reading

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Conference Notes

CFMEU President and part-time Comanchero Norm Meyer Off to the ALP Conference 2105 today only to see that my motion to declare the trade union movement a masquerade and a gigantic swindle has gained little traction. This, in spite of me paying … Continue reading

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Advancing Community Cohesion

Dr Tim Soutphommasane Race Discriminator Commissioner I had been asked to speak about social cohesion at the Advancing Community Cohesion 2015 and Awards Conference in Parramatta but I couldn’t think of anything kindly to say, so I declined. Instead, I … Continue reading

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Burqas and Monsters are AOK – Andrew O’keefe

THE STORY SO FAR The nice multicultural family in Australia want to talk about the monster they’ve suddenly discovered is now living in their basement and wants to eat up all their babies, but Uncle Tim tells them all to … Continue reading

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