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Fraud Of The Century

Joe BidenLeftist Patsy? Yes. An imbecile, now POTUS?This now seems indeed to be the case. What the CNN, CBS, the BBC, Guardian etc. have incessantly declared to be an indisputable fact over the passed fortnight, is admittedly now a lay … Continue reading

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Diary August 10, 2019

Kristina Keneally Labor Minister for Open Borders IN A BAR at The Rocks last night when, out of nowhere, a wild-eyed Kristina Keneally suddenly rushes up to me and whispers furiously in my ear: Adolph Hitler, Martin Bormann and the … Continue reading

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Slow-Motion Train-Wreck

Lenore Taylor Turnbull treasonous scorched-earth policy suggests that, contrary to what my blog supposed yesterday, the end might be not that nigh after all. What an absolute bummer. Shitville, even. Having thrown one giant spanner in the works, in a … Continue reading

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Senator Mad Nick McKim

Nick McKimm Another bleeding heart from Tasmania. On Friday, using the old Manus Island Refugees defence pretext,  Richard Flanagan elegantly argued his case in The Australian (see my last post) for being immediately committed to an institution of some kind. … Continue reading

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Bad News Week

Marine Le Pen France’s Great White Hope It’s been a bad news week. Bad news that that Erdogan autocrat, megalomaniac and Islamist par excellence seems all set now to install himself as caliph in 2019. Bad news that, having his bid to … Continue reading

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Surprised to see yesterday that Yassmin Abdel-Maglied’s attempt to disguise her stupidity by pushing the fantasy of her being beautiful, intelligent and well-read has again been given legitimacy by The Guardian’s Life and Style section. Or maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised, for … Continue reading

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At One With Allah

 Yes, it’s me again. In its efforts to stymie all opposition to their plans for a world-wide caliphate by shutting down any form of dissent, the 56-member state OIC (Organisation for Islamic Cooperation) in 2007 launched the Islamophobia Observatory. Vital … Continue reading

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Trump Endorsement

Now that the last obstacle has been removed, and he has finally clarified the size of his johnson, I am pleased to announce my endorsement of Donald Trump as the next President of The United States. Of course a personal endorsement … Continue reading

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Green Door Knock

My New Year’s resolution of giving up strangling the odd drifter who occasionally strays into my yard nearly came unstuck yesterday when a couple of Greenie activists rapped on my front door. Dropping in to canvas for my support in … Continue reading

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What Hump?

In the comedy ”Young Frankenstein,” Dr. Frankenstein helpfully suggests to Igor (the hunchback, played by Marty Feldman) that he can perform an operation to fix his hump for him, to which Igor responds with straight-faced surprise: “What hump?” The joke rests on … Continue reading

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