Mugabe: Paragon of UN Virtue

Robert Mugabe

For the UN, it makes perfect sense. In their barely-concealed hatred (in common with Australia’s degenerate Left) for Western Civilisation, they have decided the killer  Robert Mugabe would make a great Goodwill Ambassador for their World Health Organisation.

That this murdering Marxist thug Mugabe should be nominated for this position speaks volumes about the bunch of cretinous UN shits who voted for him. Mugabe, they are effectively proclaiming to the world, is a role-model for his African peers to be inspired by, commending them to follow Mugabe’s example by completely f**king up their own countries – as Mugabe has done to Zimbabwe – while simultaneously maintaining their grip on power. Because, other than that great accomplishment, and a prosthetic penis he had specially made in China, Mugabe has nothing else going for him.

Mugabe was presumably appointed by WHO to advise his fellow-Africans on how to get the same disastrous results in their own countries. And that can only mean one thing: they have to pursue Mugabe’s hallmark policy of ruthlessly purging their respective countries of their entire white population.

This syphilitic (hence the need for a prosthetic penis: to support what little the pox-corrosion has left of his original) tin-pot dictator has been conducting this white pogrom pretty successfully since 1987.

The tactics the semi-dickless Mugabe employs (with a corrupt judiciary in his back-pocket) are pretty basic: send out a bunch of goons to beat-up and/or murder white farmers, seize their properties, forcing them to abandon their farms and to flee the country.  China-cock then hands the properties over to his uneducated, incompetent minions to own and run. Unsurprisingly the result is the present, totally f**ked up state of the country, a largely dysfunctional disaster-zone barely kept afloat by Chinese Afro-expansionist funding.

Given the overtly anti-Western, anti-White, Jew-hating ideology of many of the UN’s constituent members, however, this appointment rings so true. For the corrupt majority in the UN, even beforehand, Mugabe would have naturally stood out as a beacon of light, a paragon of UN virtue. Making him Goodwill Ambassador was just a mere formality.

Having so much in common with the UN’s core ideologues, then, it is there any wonder that the degenerate and morally bankrupt Australian Left hold this equally degenerate, and equally morally bankrupt organisation in such high esteem? (No there isn’t.)

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Lefty Media Mirth

Austria’s New Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz

With the anti-immigrant parties storming to power in Austria on the weekend, a brief look at the leftist media’s reaction to the results promises to be entertaining. Given the scale of this monumental Lefty-crushing event, there should be no shortage of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth therein from which to raise a good laugh.

First stop, CNN.
Their first video headline ‘The Austrian elections should terrify Europeans,’ is a total joke. As is its audacity. Here we have typical manufactured tripe from CNN: planet Earth’s preeminent manufacturer of fake world news. But it’s entertaining tripe. Particularly if it makes you imagine the histrionics after reading it from some of our own immigration cry-babies: blubbering Sarah Hanson Young and David moaning-Minnie Marr, for example. The bursting into tears, the wailing, the beating and thrashing of breasts, the screaming, the moral outrage – all happy, entertaining thoughts causing me to naturally fall about in uncontrollable fits of laughter. Another delight, the thought of Dr Death Natale hearing a similar Aussie election result the moment before he disappears under an Adani bulldozer, adds to the hilarity.

I then check out the CNN video itself, and it doesn’t disappoint. Here we have CNN’s refugee-loving, sob-rag-luvvie Becky Anderson fighting back tears, barely concealing her utter devastation over the result. For this over-emotional, prone to near-hysteria Islamo-luvvin’ CNN reporter feather-brain, this Austrian election result is nothing short of a catastrophy. That a majority of Austrians would actively go against the EU-project and vote to protect their sovereingty and national identity (thereby snubbing CNN, rejecting their treacle-soaked view of Islam) beggars belief. It can only, therefore, be described, as it was with Trump, in Hitlerite terms. There can be no other explanation.

Next stop, The Guardian.
The UK editorial sinisterly describes the results as ‘An old threat in a new guise,’ leaving no doubt that they think Hitler must have caused it too. Cue more laughter.

Suddenly, the Guardian’s George Soros-funded campaign to help usher in the caliphate by demanding borders be torn down and Europe flooded with the world’s Muslim population seems at risk of failure. And if that were to happen, shock, horror, the worthless Guardian might have to take leave of its Lefty senses and go completely out of business.
Another reason for hilarity.

(Note: Why they, CNN and The Guardian don’t just f**k right off and die continues to be one of life’s enduring mysteries.)

Ridiculously over-the-top headlines is nothing new for The Guardian, of course. To give them their due, though, this one is nowhere near as hilarious as the one used last year by their spineless luvvie columnist Stephen Thrasher. In response to Trump’s Election, the headline wailed: ‘This is a terrifying moment for America. Hold your loved ones close.’

Most sensible people in the English-speaking world would have had to take a few weeks off work after reading that one. If not to nurse their multiple cracked-ribs, then to help nominate the pathetic and apparently testicle-free Thrasher for the Comedian of the Century Award.

Good news for the moment, then, in Austria.
There now seems a loose coalition of Eastern and Middle European countries opposing Soros’s plan. Most of which – it’s no coincidence – have experienced, in one way or other, the real, non-CNN-sugar-coated horror of Islamic occupation first-hand.


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David Koch and Media Bimbos

David Koch

Channel 9’s Today host Lisa Wilkinson’s credibility was always going to be a problem after her marriage to the ludicrous Peter Fitzsimons, as well as greatly exacerbated by being associated with that other cretinous Islam-sycophant, Andrew O’Keefe. But at least she doesn’t have to near ruin her career with a weekly TV appearance alongside a third absolute dick,  Channel 7’s David Koch.

Instead, Monique Wright and Samantha Armytage take the hit for her on the Sunrise program, more or less having to accept that anyone with half a brain will never take them seriously again. Last week it was Wright’s turn to be seen dead with the appalling Kochie, this time co-hosting an interview with the inestimable Milo Yiannopoulis.

From the outset, of course, Koch and Wright were never going to be a match for Milo’s reasoned use of the facts, rather than the Leftist group-think they are more accustomed to. So they were on a hiding to nothing from the start.

For those who have been living under a rock, ‘Kochie’, as he prefers to be called (dispensing with the more descriptive ‘dick’), is Channel 7’s particular male media Leftist sock-puppet, chosen, like Channel 9, to regurgitate and spout the PC vomit that constitutes breakfast for Australia’s morning TV viewers, most of whom are probably already far too brain-dead to see any reason to vomit it back up again. It would be a rare moment indeed if any of them were to snap out of their catatonic stupor and switched channels to something more intelligent. A cartoon, for instance.

From time to time Sunrise is also called upon to do a demolition job. That is, to demonise smart people like Milo who dare counter their narrative and expose Leftist mindless group-think for what it is. The emphasis here is on demonise. No actual debate, of course, on Milo’s subjects, such as the great ‘rape-culture’ lie, freedom of speech or Muslim immigration.

Confronted with Milo’s careful reasoning, Koch was naturally unable to provide any argument of his own. Not just because he is a complete idiot, but because he is entirely incapable of comprehending anything falling outside the narrow confines of his tiny, pea-like leftist brain. Instead, Koch’s standard technique was employed, trying to shout down or to outright dismiss Milo’s answers without offering any argument of his own.

At the end of the interview, in response to Milo’s articulate reasoning and citing of facts and statistics, Koch’s final retort “Well, I rest my case.” was conclusive proof of just how remarkably stupid he really is.

I can only assume that the enormous salary Wright receives offsets the sense of utter humiliation she must feel at being seen on the same platform with such an ignorant jerk. Not to mention the accusations of being just another media bimbo that she, like Wilkinson and Armytage, must have to fend off on a daily basis.

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HRC Dreaming

Elevator Racism
Tranny with Daughter-of-Satan?

The Human Rights Commission’s latest attack on white males with its ludicrous ‘Elevator – Racism’ advert raises a few questions.

What if it depicts a real event and the tall, gorgeous African woman acting in the commercial looks nothing like what the actual victim looked like? What if the victim is  one of the HRC’s own employees who was once treated in this fashion (shut out of a lift by a male whitey), but they wanted to conceal this fact from the public who would otherwise suspect they were right about the HRC commissars being a bunch of fanatical, self-serving, over-paid, anti-white, Muzzie-lovin’ perverts looking after their own?
Highly plausible, but unlikely.

My guess, however, is that the elevator commercial is a complete invention.
Very likely that one of the HRC cadre reported a dream he had once that he was shut out of a lift one day by a racist white male, but saved (judging by the eyes) by a rather evil-looking (though still very humpable) Daughter-of Satan lookalike. And that everyone thought that this dream – idiotic as it might sound – would make for a terrific commercial: a great way to hammer whitey yet again!
Plausible? Possibly.

But given the HRC’s track record there’s every possibility that this load of old bollocks (for that’s what it is) was actually dreamt up by some overpaid HRC idiot who spends most of his time sitting around trying to justify his exhorbitant salary by inventing new ways to hunt down and prosecute everyday white Aussies. A figment of his own stupid imagination but – wanting to throw everyone off the scent (that, yes, he was the actual idiot who came up with this bullshit) – choosing a beautifully elegant African woman with a nice pair of tits as the actor. Instead of an ugly, chubby little runt* with bad breath, say?
Very plausible.

And what if it was aTuesday, and that same dickhead who dreamt this clap-trap was (as is his want) self-identifying as a tall, dark and rather sexy Afro-tranny (before switching back to a sexy Slovakian cess-pool cleaner in drag on Wednesdays) and was torn between giving the game completely away and leaving a hint that it might just be him? Then someone suggested “Why not get her to wear a couple of those big silver earrings of yours? That should do the trick!” ?

No, this is entire post is actually a figment of my imagination, but I better stop now anyway  just in case Tim Il Sung gets wind of it.


*White-skinned runt, black-skinned runt or yellow-skinned runt, it doesn’t matter really: We’re all the same underneath.

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Getting Rid of Grant

Stan Grant
Failed Uprising

Yesterday’s axing of Stan Grant and his late night program The link probably had more to do with his failed attempt to black-wash Australian history, rather than with the ABC’s official line that they are just rearranging their furniture.

Unlike in the US, from where the highly-original thinking (not) Grant stole the idea,  Australia witnessed only a brief flurry of reaction before common-sense took over. As to be expected, much rage, solidarity and whitey-hatred from the ever vacuous (Q&A panellists, Dr Death Di Natale and his Party of Green Fairies, that little shit Shorten, etc.), a few statues defaced – but that was it.

Nothing here that Stan and the ABC was doubtless hoping for, which was to follow the US in its crazed demands to tear down and destroy everything to do with whitey’s past. Instead, the insurrection failed to materialise, and all Grant got for his efforts was a backlash of outrage from the overwhelming majority of Aussies who rightly regard him, his lefty supporters and his perverse attempt to rewrite history as beyond contempt.
Not happy, the ABC.

Perhaps, in his new capacity as the ABC’s Chief Asia Correspondent, the forever-whingeing-about-something Grant might begin to see things differently now. The realisation might dawn on him of how far, far worse an Asian rather than a white ‘invasion’ of Australia would have been for the indigenous population, and start reporting on that instead. But, come to think of it, the ABC wouldn’t be happy about that, either.

So why don’t they just sack him and be done with it?

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Prima-Donna Bob

The relevance-deprived Bob Carr’s attempt to be relevant again by going after the redoubtable George Danby shows just how far he’s sunk since revealing in his Diary of a Foreign Minister how entirely useless he was. Instead of blowing tax-payers’ money flying first-class, gallivanting around the world, wining and dining and wallowing in luxury while hob-nobbing with the world’s elites, the egotistical Bob now spends his time sucking up to and championing the Palestinians Cult of Death (PCD) whenever he can.

This week it’s the pro-Palestinian sycophants at the ABC who this prima-donna is defending. Specifically, Sophie McKenzie’s extensive reporting of a Palestinian family being evicted from their home, while making scant mention of the stabbing murder of a Jewish family. Carr has attacked Danby’s attempt to balance the report.

Juxtaposing both these two stories – thereby implying moral equivalency – is par for the course for the ABC terrorist-toadies. Down-playing the murders in favour of highlighting the eviction, however, is proof enough of the iniquitous ABC reporters’ moral bankruptcy, for which (as I’ve tirelessly advocated in this blog) a firing-squad seems to be the best solution.

Danby’s paying out tax-payers’ money for advertising, trying to balance McKenzie’s reporting, has really got up Bob’s nose. But you can bet with his latest fad of attacking the ‘pro-Israel lobby’ (that is, anyone who exposes the Palestinian criminals for what they are), Bob won’t want to watch on YouTube the Palestinian Mosab Yousef’s recent demolition job on the Palestinian Authority’s leadership (to their utter dismay) at the UN.

Undoubtedly, Yousef’s public denunciation and exposé of the scale of the corruption and the nature of the entire leadership might just be too much for Bob’s pro-terrorist narrative. In fact, it might very well confirm to him my assertion (see previous post) that he is indeed a great horse’s arse, forcing him to perform yet another U-turn. Which would be good.

Ideally though, it would also make Bob finally realise what a cheap political whore he is now, and always was. Opportunistically swapping from one political stance to another at the drop of a hat, Carr is an ex-Labor tart, now suffering from a severe case of Relevance Deprivation Syndrome.

It seems to me, as such, that would leave him with no choice but the inevitable. To repair to a secluded room somewhere and quietly avail himself of one of those Hermes ties he refers to in his snotty little diary..
But I may be wrong.


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Las Vegas: The Latest Terrible Distraction

Lydia Shelly
Overly feather-brained? (Yes.)

You can almost hear them high-fiving each other and rubbing their hands in glee, world-wide. The entire twisted bunch of Islamists and their leftist allies will be over the moon today in the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre.

Why? With only their pathetic Timothy McVeigh excuse to push for 2 decades, finally Islamist apologists have another non-Muslim mass-murderer, Stephen Paddock, with which to draw attention away from their terrorist ideology. Paddock, they will joyfully point their finger at to exonerate and use to dilute Islam’s own murderous excesses, whenever the accusation is raised.

Since that comedy act Mad Muzzie Maglied high-tailed it to the UK a while back, the denial industry in Australia has only straight-faced Islamist apologists with which to excuse and maintain their ‘terrorism-has-nothing-to-do-with-Islam’ charade. No one as hysterically funny as MMM to keep us all in stitches (with the possible exception of Waleed Aly), they’ve got to try to humour us by some other means.

So step forward self-professed international terrorist and de-radicalisation ‘expert’ Anne Aly, who must be feeling particularly good today. Notorious for raising bogus fears about the threat of ‘right-wing extremism’ while pooh-poohing the 400-odd known jihadists still running around loose on our streets (despite her so-called ‘expertise’), Aly, too, will be rubbing her hands in quiet satisfaction.

Her credibility as a ‘moderate’ destroyed by her recent calls for Section 18C to be extended to include Islamist blasphemy laws, perhaps now, after the Las Vegas slaughter, Aly will feel vindicated. And more emboldened in her mendacity.

Then there’s other Muslim apologists with similar degrees in duplicity, such as that overly feather-brained dunderhead Lydia Shelly.

Like Aly, Shelly also laughably refers to herself as a ‘de-radicalisation expert,’ (which is just a smoke-screen for her down-playing Islamist terrorism while beating up the ‘right-wing extremism threat. Shelly will point to lunatics like Paddock as proof that there are other fanatical homicidal maniacs out there besides those countless numbers she denies are following Allah’s explicit orders.

But only her gullible non-Muslim groupies who attend to her every word, desperate for reassurance in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, eager to swallow any old hokum which matches their lefty-luvvie narrative, will be keen to accept this equivalency.  Anyone else (that is, those with half a brain) would have burst out laughing at hearing such nonsense and subsequently referred Shelly to the nearest mental (or euthanasia) clinic.

Vacuous Islamist apologists like Shelly – just one among many on the Left- sometime make for good entertainment (but not as much as MMM). Out of concern for the welfare for her Australian groupies, though, she should nevertheless quickly bugger off to Europe where, like MMM, she is bound to find a more sympathetic audience, especially in the multiple (and growing) sharia-controlled, no-go areas. The likes of Anne Aly, on the otherhand, should be shot for sedition.

That it’s the occasional mass-murderer like Paddock which represents the real danger to Australia, and not the religion which champions and breeds millions of them every year, is of course an absurdity. Only devoted followers of the Koran, a book which is tantamount to a declaration of war, can possibly pretend otherwise.

One-off, mass-murdering psychopaths like Stephen Paddock will occasionally come and go over time, but the Koran ensures that millions of others intend to be at it, day in and day out, forever and a day.


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Interpol Idiocy

Bob Carr

Interpol’s decision to grant the Palestinian Cult of Death full membership (74 for, 24 against, 34 abstentions) makes perfect sense in an increasingly Islamified world. When you have over 50% membership of the UNHCR being given over to dictatorships such as the execrable Saudi Arabia, why not bring in the extensive expertise of a Middle Eastern death cult to help them with the police work?

Euphemistically named the ‘Palestinian State’ for the purposes of claiming victimhood while murdering every jew it can possibly lay its hands on, the Palestinian Cult of Death offers Interpol a rather unique and extensive skill-set. That is, plane hijackings, murder, knife attacks, the kidnapping and murder of Israeli students, random shootings, bus bombings, the sick indoctrination of their own children from an early age into their murderous ways, etc. All incentivised by rewarding families of subsequent dead ‘martyrs’ with financial compensations of up to $3,000 per month.

This latter ‘Pay to Slay’ wheeze being bank-rolled indirectly through international aid (courtesy of useful-idiot nations like Australia) would undoubtedly have been the icing on the cake for many of Interpol’s European members voting in favour of the Cult of Death’s membership. First world nations endorsing random acts of terrorism would help justify voting to bring this sick bunch of murdering jew-haters on board. Such people are tailor-made to help police the unelected EU elite’s efforts to crush dissent while they Islamify Europe.

Which brings me to the point.
I wonder if people like that great horse’s arse Bob Carr – who  recently switched his support from being a passionate supporter of Israel to backing Palestinian terrorists instead – would applaud Interpol’s latest idiocy? My guess is that, being the opportunistic, pseudo-intellectual, self-serving hypocrite that he is, he would.

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SS Role-Model

Astro Labe

It’s easy to see why that human obscenity, Astro Labe, must be pleased that he was not immediately thrown into gaol for head-butting Tony Abbott. Happy, instead, that he is temporarily free to continue to pollute Hobart’s street with his utter drop-kick presence.

First of all, in Tasmania, the time-honoured, colonial-era, obligatory buggering by a dozen fat and hairy gaolers while awaiting sentencing has long been outlawed. So, no matter how much this hideous turd regretted the passing of the good old days,  he must have known that such a possibility was never on the cards. The prospect of a good mass hate f**king (to use Benjamin Law’s term) in return for Abbott’s head-butting would have been (judging from his freakish appearance) Labe’s idea of heaven, but regrettably, out of the question. And I’m sure that any lefty magistrate would have been compassionate enough to shown him leniency just on these grounds alone.

So, if the possibility of a rigorous buggering while detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure could no longer be entertained (no matter how desirable), why would this disgusting puke-ball want to risk incarceration by assaulting Abbott in public?

My guess is that the SS HomoFascists wanted a role-model who would best signal to Aussie kids the type of deviants they want our children to look up to while they are having the Safe Schools agenda shoved down their throats. What better example of a disgusting, filthy-looking pervert as a role-model than Labe? Slap a SS label on him and get him to go out and head-butt Abbott: that should do it.

All that would be left then would be for the leftist legals to contrive a reason to let him loose back on the streets for a few days. Plenty of time for the official SS on the one hand to deny that Labe had anything to do with them. And plenty of time on the other, for the rest of the sickos in their HomoFascist ranks to adulate him as their hero.
Makes perfect sense.


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Dr Death and The Rohingyas

Dr Richard ‘Death’ Di Natale

The recent call by The Greens leader (in cahoots with his fellow-Greens’ dickhead, Nick McKinn) to allow 20,000 unwanted Rohingya refugees to be dumped on our country is a good reminder of the origins of Di-Natale’s nickname, ‘Dr Death.’ ‘Death’, as in ‘Death to Australia’ is Di-Natale’s most urgent business at hand and he clearly wishes to administer it in the most efficient manner, which is of course to destroy Australia from within by administering it with a lethal injection of totally unassimilable Muslims.

Muslims who,  having long proven their inability to assimilate even in their own country, so much so that even normally ultra-peaceful, ultra-harmonious Buddhists want to kill them, Dr Death and that other idiot want to come here. 20,000 Rohingya Muslims, who, according to a recent BBC doco, even other Muslims in Myanmar want to chuck out, Dr Death thinks will do just fine here.

Muslims – whom even one of the Green Left’s greatest-ever political pin-up girls, Aung San Suu Kyi, has finally concluded in utter frustration should be taken out with the trash – Dr Death apparently thinks would be ideal to help finish off Australia for good.  (If the trash he helped bring here in the first place don’t do the job.)

Even the famous, beautiful, Western-educated, articulate, highly-intelligent Aung San Suu Ky, the darling of the Left – gushed, slathered and fawned over by The Green Left for decades –  has come to her senses and decided that the Rohingyas should all f**k right off back to Bangladesh where they came from. But, no, Dr Death believes 20,000 of them would be ideal to bring here. Just to f*ck up this country instead.

A good dose of 20,000 Rohingyas, with a 50-odd year track record of terrorising and murdering non-Rohingyas hard-wired within them: this is what Dr Richard Death Di-Natale has prescribed as medicine for Australia to, cure us of all its ills, once and for all, by killing us all.

There can be no other explanation.
Dr Death is both a lunatic and a psychopath. What’s more, he should do us all a favour and self-administer his own lethal injection. (Voluntarily, of course.)

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