The Truth About Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Yassmin Abdel-Magied
Mentally-deficient hypocrite? (Yes)

By her own definition of Feminism (based on the Hadiths), Sudanese-born bigot Abdel-Magied is mentally-deficient and eligible to be beaten. That, as well as being black and a Muslim, made her the perfect choice to host SBS’s sanctimonious guilt-trip The Truth About Racism last night which, entirely predictably, proved to be yet another white hate-fest with an entirely predictable leftist agenda. And that was, of course, to get whitey.

From the very outset, the only white guy in the room (Nick) was rounded on, with Magied and the candidates glowering at him after openly freely admitting to having prejudices. Fortunately for Nick, though, a significant deviation from SBS’s whitey-hating focus arose when the Asian chick and a young Asian girl admitted their feelings of superiority. Hallelujah! Much to the disappointment of millions of Lefties, SBS’s program revealed that it is not just whitey’s thing after all.

At its conclusion, declaring that racism can most effectively be overcome by “getting to know” people of different races, the raging Islamist hypocrite Abdel Magied dared not ‘mention the war’ once because it would have blown SBS’s predetermined outcome right out of the water. That is, the civil war, still going on since 2003 in Magied’s own country of origin, Sudan.

There, Arab Muslims first did their best to exterminate all Christians in the country. They then followed that up by trying to exterminate all non-Arab (black) Muslims  – the ones the Arabs had previously “gotten to know.”

It’s obvious that Nick’s views pale into total insignificance when compared to the genocidal crimes of Magied’s feminist-loving, religion of peace brothers in Sudan, for which she is one of their most enthusiastic flag-wavers. Accordingly, The Truth About Racism last night also proved the truth about its presenter: that the mentally-deficient Islamist Magied is a lying hypocrite who is all so happy to be economical with the truth when it comes to attacking Australia for its supposed racism. She is also an utter fraud, as is her religion.

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Senate Charade

Ahmed Fahour

Watching the senate hearings yesterday reminded me of quite an exciting chapter in Robert Hughes’ Barcelona – the one detailing the effective use (up to 1975) of the garrotte against Anarcho-Leftists and others with similarly deranged political tendencies.

The spectacle of Greens’ Doctor Richard Di Natale, with his unctuous, sanctimonious, anti-Hansonite questioning of Australia Post’s filthy-rich out-going head-honcho, Ahmed Fahour, was enough in itself enough to justify the garrotte’s come-back, IMHO. (For a trial period at least.) And Fahour’s aggrieved, “I’m a loyal Aussie” response to Natale’s question: a sickening display of victim-hood that almost forced the gallery to be evacuated because of the ensuing vomit, making me want to reach for my own trusty garrotte. Always by my sid and coloured green, so there is no mistaking its intended use should I be called on to carry out my patriotic duty.

Sadly, like Barcelona, Australia has long since descended into multicultural barbarism, where such things as yesterday’s disgraceful charade take place on a regular basis with the most appropriate solution (slow death by strangling) now completely denied to us.

A virtually lawless, topsy-turvey wasteland, where a clearly disturbed doctor is paid by the tax-payer to publicly suck up to overpaid (allegedly) reformed jihadists willy-nilly. Where a Muslim only need follow the multi-culti script of proclaiming his love for Australia. using the word ‘bonza’ often and denying being a jihadist in order for him to be eligible to be paid millions of dollars per year more from the public purse for his job than anyone else. And where, incidentally, a presumptuous, rubbish-spouting idiot like David Morrison (spouting more of the same yesterday) is awarded the title of Australian of The Year, instead of being immediately garrotted the very first moment he opened his mouth in public.

Where’s the justice?

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Date My Race

Santilla Chingaipe with gay,
Asian, white-supremacist, Alexander, on Date My Race

At the end of SBS’s Date My Race program, the precise answer to whether Santilla’s inablity to get an online date with another guy because of racism or because she is just ugly, was left unanswered. Needless to say, as was to be expected, racism was the constant theme of the program with other cast members frequently falling over themselves in abject apology to SBS for possibly sounding racist when voicing their preference for shagging someone from one race group over another.

According to their statistics, a very large number of white men have a fetish for Asian women but unfortunately not, apparently, for poor sex-starved black SBS presenters positively gagging for it. The highlight of the program was when one of the participants, a gay Asian guy with what, incidentally, would have been described by many just a few years ago (but not by me) as having a particularly poofy way about him, had the audacity to state his belief that whites are the superior race. Santilla was appalled, but good-naturedly so, as she was throughout the program, much to her credit.

Then the program’s credibility took a dive.
In a blind online match-making experiment, a white guy who grew up in a predominantly white community (Mornington) and who has never dated and never wanted to date outside his race, ended up very conveniently being matched with a liberal muslim woman (probably of Indian descent). ‘Conveniently,’ as it helped push one of the program’s hidden agendas, which was to encourage racist white Australians to overcome their prejudices and welcome muzzies to our golden shores at least for their shag-ability, if for nothing else.

Overall, Date My Race’s conclusion seemed to be that, “if a strapping white Aussie from Mornington can overcome his prejudices and hit on a hot, Indian muzzie sheila, and (on the other side of the coin) a weasily Egyptian-born muzzie can put aside his principles so as to get his rocks off with a gorgeous white-skinned Aussie sheila before winning his Logie, doesn’t that in the end make Australia so much a better place?”
Or have I got it wrong again?

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At One With Allah

 rmYes, it’s me again.

In its efforts to stymie all opposition to their plans for a world-wide caliphate by shutting down any form of dissent, the 56-member state OIC (Organisation for Islamic Cooperation) in 2007 launched the Islamophobia Observatory. Vital to its efforts, without which the caliphate cannot possibly succeed, is convincing useful-idiots in the infidel world to swallow their big lie: that criticism of Islam constitutes a “contemporary form of racism.” Criticism – “Islamophobia” – thus, should be criminalised.

Last night, SBS’s Grand Inquisitors launched their FaceUp2 Racism Week. In the process this, the latest witch-hunt designed to root out, shame and destroy all who dare deviate from the official multicultural party line, confirmed just how much SBS is in cahoots with their Islamist OIC masters. By making no distinction in the entire program between the two types of hatred (one for a difference in skin colour, the other for a murderous ideology that wants to destroy us) SBS was proclaiming how much they too are are willing to swallow the OIC lie, and are at one with Allah.

Likewise, Ray Martin again showed just how much of an extremely useful idiot he is to both SBS and its OIC overlords by going along with it all, voicing his genuine concern that “Islamophobia” has grown so much since 9/11. No hint that the slaughter which has continued virtually unabated ever since might account for some of it. And of course no mention of the hateful, poisonous ideology and endless grievances – ingrained since birth – that governs most Muslims’ everyday thought patterns; a growing awareness of which has made an exponential number of infidels come to their senses and recognise a crock when they see one.

Though not Martin, apparently.
In his capacity as SBS’s most favoured idiot (both useful and village) a hatred for Islam can only be attributed to racism – and it “needs to be fixed.”

In support of Sunday’s charade SBS contrived a number of racist- and Islamophobe-baiting scenarios, attempting to shame viewers that happened to tune into this shite into feeling guilty. The most entertaining of these being when some seemingly half-inebriated deadbeat on the street accosted a woman in a niqab by repeatedly screaming at her, ”Where’s your f***ing face??!!”

Can’t wait until the next instalment.

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Santilla Chingaipe – Searching For Her White Roots


Santilla Chingaipe
(Mr. ‘White’ Must be Out There Somewhere)

The world is holding its breath in anticipation of what promises to be a racey episode of Face Up To Racism Week, ‘Date My Race.’ In what’s billed to be an emotional roller-coaster, will Zambia-born Santilla Chingaipe discover that it’s not because she’s downright ugly but because of racism that she can’t get an online date?  Whatever the explanation (and we can already guess what SBS’s will be) my extensive research (five seconds on Google) has come up with other possibilities in advance.

Firstly, perhaps it’s Santilla’s eminent qualifications, such as being a writer, filmmaker, producer and fluent in five different languages that scares men away? It’s true that a lot of men are turned-off by a female smarty-pants, even if she does happen to be quite a babe.

Secondly, perhaps it’s because she’s an award-winning SBS journalist for SBS (i.e., a dirty, filthy, low-down Lefty) that makes sensible people not want to root her, er, I mean, want to steer clear of her? Maybe. But to a Greenie, the opposite might be the case. As with Zane Young hooking up with Sarah, finding someone similarly unhinged might have been a mitigating factor, even if she wasn’t a babe. (That is, at least until the divorce in 2011 it was.)

Or is it because Santilla Chingaipe really is, in fact, an un-babe?
I’m pretty certain ugliness (were it a factor, and I’m not saying it is) would have been immediately discounted by the SBS commissars (evidence to the contrary, or not) – because it doesn’t suit their narrative that it can only be racism that prevents their pet blacks from being able to get their rocks off with every available whitey at every opportunity they can. Or am I wrong?

Can’t wait until Monday to find out!

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Trashing Trad

Michaelia to the Rescue

Really enjoyed watching that dickhead Keysar Trad (President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils) working up a sweat, trying to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes on the Bolt Report last night. Ultimately failing to whitewash the Koranic injunction that says “feel free to beat up your wife any time you like”, it was highly entertaining.  Trad pulled out every non-existent caveat from the air that he could think of, flaying hopelessly about, doing his best to defend the indefensible, while Bolt politely pressed the question home.

Unfortunately, Bolt was far too polite, preferring, for example, to refer to Trad using the traditional Aussie label ‘mate’ instead of the more accurate Aussie label (in matters Islamic), ‘lying piece of shit‘.  Admittedly, it says a lot for Bolt’s skill as a host (and probably for my complete lack of the same), no doubt wanting this mendacious little prick back on the show again in the future.

That dear, dear, sweet and normally very shy and extremely demure attack-dog Michaelia Cash went on the screaming warpath against Trad today, completely and totally blowing him out of the water, all but making up for Andrew’s timidity. Trad’s ears must still be ringing, which must be good.

I’m quite disappointed, though, that the very lovely Michaelia fell short of simultaneously attacking Trad’s equally vile source and its equally vile Aussie fan-club, of which Trad is its current president. But it’s a start.

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Hurstville School Surrender-Monkeys

narineMarine Le Pen
Islam’s nemesis?

The Georges River Hurstville Boys College’s craven capitulation to Islamistc blackmail, coercion and deceit should be roundly condemned. This act of monumental cowardice by these abject, taxpayer-funded surrender-monkeys allowing the thin edge of the Islamist misogyny wedge to make further inroads into one of Australia’s greatest cities, is beyond the pale. The decision, based on one of many of the malevolently misogynist Mohammad’s diktats, that school boys should not have to shake the hands of girls, will help normalise the otherwise defacto presence of the Islamist ideological perversity in Australia’s otherwise free and open society. It also further legitimises Islam’s doctrine of misogyny and gender segregation in Australia overall, again giving the lie to that mentally-deranged Q&A trollop Yassim Abdel-Magied babe’s ravings that Islam is a feminist religion.

However, if the school’s decision wasn’t a capitulation to Islamist intimidation, then it was a deliberate act of sedition. Which means that those responsible are Leftists, in active cahoots with a toxic ideology at war with us, from without and within. It also confirms the Left’s breathtaking hypocrisy: willing to abandon their own gender-equality principles in order to suck-hole up to their Muzzie mates again.

Needless to say, whatever their motivation, the government should immediately withdraw the school’s funding if the decision-makers aren’t summarily fired and the immediately decision reversed.

In stark contrast, however, we have the inestimable Marine Le Pen refusing to lower herself by donning a scarf when meeting with Lebanon’s Grand Misogynist, Abdel Latif Derian.

What a woman!
Marine Le Pen is the very polar opposite of any of those mentally-deficient nincompoops who regularly appear in head-scarves on Q&A doing Islam’s bidding. Highly-intelligent – and in full possession of her faculties, Le Pen is precisely the type of woman Mohammad feared most.

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Pavlov’s Dogs

petersen-and-eanusJanice Petersen and Anton Enus

When it comes to exposing the suffocating multicultural orthodoxy assailing the nation’s sensibilities every day, it would be remiss of me not to expose other chinks (so to speak) in SBS’s armour of respectability. Not as obvious as the Lee Lin Chin eyesore (see previous post), the Janice Peterson/Anton Enus duo’s weekday barrage endorsing the party line is nevertheless far more insidious.

In contrast to Chin’s horrific outfits, which serve no other purpose than to distract us from what’s really going on, it’s this pair’s crypto-Stalinist virtue-signalling, ranging from gushing enthusiasm to barely-controlled fury, that helps SBS paper over the cracks in Australia’s multicultural nightmare. Stalinist, because there is little difference between the on-air manner of Petersen and Enus (the latter whose surname, it should be noted, rhymes with schlong) and that of their North Korean female news-reading counterparts.

The newsreaders whose shrieking voices reach a near crescendo of multiple-orgasms at the bare mention of the name of their dear leader, while alternatively spitting hatred at the despicable crimes of the filthy US imperialists. What these two SBS stooges (for that is what they are) have in common with their North Korean commie mates is the demand that they act, on cue, like Pavlovian dogs in their role in helping to perpetuate the progressive Left’s repression of Australia’s national psyche.

Hilary Clinton on the campaign trail? An athlete in a hijab?  Gays going off to NZ to get married? Then cue Petersen excitement and fawning enthusiasm. Cue Enus’ beaming, but craven expression of unmitigated joy. Trump on the campaign trail? Cue Petersen’s frowning, barely-contained outrage. Contrast that with the joyous, uplifting excitement that was trumpeting the prospect of the woman presidency-to-be (not).

President Trump? (WTF?)  Cue Petersen’s look of disgust; reporting through gritted-teeth. Scenes of SHY watching more of her S.A wind-turbines falling over? Sudanese migrants found with shit-loads of other people’s wallets in their pockets? Transgenders with only 5 toilets to choose from?  Jihadists losing their welfare benefits? Then cue tragedy: A crest-fallen Petersen, reporting in heart-wrenching tones. Cue glum-look on the face of her schlong supporting act.

But bad sight and sound of the year so far has to be the very first SBS item on Australia Day this year. Gratuitous, vomit-inducing images of Muslims excitedly waving their newly-acquired citizenship certificates splattered across our screens, accompanied by Petersen’s enthusiastic, gushing, practically having her own on-air multiple-orgasms at the wonderfulness of it all. That, combined with the rapturous, village-idiot-like smiles on the face of her johnsonian side-kick, the message has always been abundantly clear. And that is, when it comes to emoting the party line, the North Koreans really don’t have a patch on these two.
(Well, not quite, but you get my drift.)


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Chin-Chin to Lee Lin Chin

llcLee Lin Chin
A ‘kooky-looking un-babe’ to some, yes, but a
‘National Treasure’ to others (kinda).

With all this excitement about FU2 Racism Week,  I completely forgot to tune into the regular weekend horror show, a.k.a., SBS World News last night. Not to see what’s happening in the world, but to check out the ghoulish little homunculus usually presenting it, and see what on earth she’s wearing tonight.

My guess is good as anyone’s as to why Lee Lin Chin is still there after all these years, but how about this for starters?: This regular 6.30 news broadcast-cum-freak-show masks the rabid political correctness that lies behind sticking with an annoying, often hideous-looking un-babe newsreader who insists on over-enunciating almost every word she utters, and on infuriating pedants like me with her frequent miss-placed word stresses (It’s “DAR-wun”, Lee Lin, not “Dar-WIN.)

Or, how about this possibility? To make their sicko news show far more palatable …
SBS’s reasoning being, “If the outfit Lee Lin’s wearing tonight doesn’t make you want to instantly throw up all over the place then you’ll probably be fine with the next item where we start shoving more imagery of happy Aussie-flag-waving Muslim school kids down your throat again.”

Or perhaps, “Tonight, completely empty your stomach well in advance by taking a look at what Ms Repulsive Ghoul has chosen to wear this time. That way to better prepare yourself for another vomit-inducing Julia Gillard interview by that sickeningly-obsequious Christiane Amanpour CNN chick that follows shortly. ”

In all fairness, though, and to her great credit, this little Chinese-Indonesian Aussie battler is also a true professional. Rarely displaying any partisanship (other than perhaps a kooky preference for necrophilia) while reading the news: which is the way supposedly neutral newsreaders are supposed to conduct themselves anyway.

And there is no doubt that, because of this and Lee Lin’s dogged determination to successfully (that is, kinda) shake off the earlier commonly-held unfair view by many of her being just another SBS token chinky, she has worked her way into our hearts, becoming an enduring national treasure, now acclaimed by millions across this great nation of ours. (Kinda).

That she is adored and idolised by very stupid Australian luvvies everywhere is undeniable. So much so that my guess is that, if Lee Lin suddenly (and very unfortunately) died, they would demand that she be immediately canonised. Ideally (according to this same pipe-dream of mine, at least) with her millions of devotees offering her ashes up to heaven to rapturous applause, and with her irritatable detractors (like me) having already left nothing to chance by ensuring all traces of her ghastly outfits had been cremated along with the body.
Let’s chink our glasses to that possibility, shall we? (Chin-chin.)

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Fast Forward 1400 Years


Penny Wong
“The injustice of it all”?

Mohammed certainly wouldn’t have dismissed as mentally-deficient many of those non-Middle Eastern women appearing on the scene 1400 years or so later, certainly not women such as our own Caroline Overington, Janet Albrechtsen, Julie Bishop or Pauline Hanson.

And there are even quite a few lefties (not including that babe, Yassie, of course), who mostly do seem to be dealing with a full deck, misguided though they might be.  Penny Wong, for example, whom we know is quite a smart cookie and not short in the mental department at all, but in the Y chromosomes department, which is the reason she joined the Labor Party in the first place, I presume, out of the injustice of it all. But others, similarly falling short, didn’t take leave of their senses and join Labor to fight for compensation as Penny probably did, so I find myself (sadly) unable to paint with a broad brush once again.

My guess is that if the Prophet were alive today he wouldn’t even bother questioning the mental qualities of women in The Greens. No matter how much they madly fall over themselves sucking up to him every time he mentions his views on the Jews, for example, they would all have been put to the sword just as soon as they started spouting their climate science, mumbo-jumbo, witchcraft stuff. No sign of any active mental activity there. Kill them. Similarly, if they break into uncontrollable blubberings, as does Sarah Hanson-Young each time she’s reminded of the 1200 refugees she helped drown. No time to listen to that, either. Kill her.

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