Beijing Bob

Bob Carr
‘Sino-suckhole?’ (Yes.)

Bob Carr’s pathetic efforts to deny that he is a Beijing political glove-puppet continued in The Australian yesterday with his article ‘Seven Steps to Tame Fears Over China.’  I say ‘article’, more like ‘vaudeville’ because anyone with the slightest knowledge about WWII would have found themselves falling about laughing at Step 1, with Carr’s ludicrous assertion about China’s role in WWII.

In this, his latest piece of fake news (for that is what it is), Beijing Bob (aspiring comedian) wants to have us believe the absurdity that the scale of China’s war effort against the Japanese was on par with that of the Soviet Union’s against the Nazis. That was the first obscene joke. The second obscenity, that Australians should be somehow grateful to China’s present-day commie government for helping to save us from the Japanese, was also an insult to the intelligence, and illustrated just how far stuck up Beijing’s arse Bob Carr has thus far managed to get.

After that one, anything written or spoken by Carr can never be taken seriously. Unless you happen to be a potential donor recipient type; that is a Dastyari, a Robb or a Rudd, to name but a few similar Sino-suckholes. In such a case, justification for publicly parroting the Beijing party line in return for having your pockets lined with great wads of Chinese dough is always going to be difficult to come by. For that reason, Bob Carr’s warped history lesson might just prove to be useful. (Just as, say, murdering your mother, might prove useful.)

If you swallowed the first bulls**t for what it is (complete bulls**t), it would be a simple matter  to go along with Carr’s remaining six steps to help ‘stop fearing and to start lovin’ communist China.’ These include over-looking their blatant political interference and infiltration of our education institutions, ignoring their coercion of democratic Chinese students on our campuses, accepting their military expansion in the South China Sea, and dumping our support for Taiwan.

Another imperative, unstated by Carr, but written between the lines, entails going along with all of this in your happy way without stopping once to notice what a despicably rotten little traitor you’ve become.

But, to quote Daffy Duck: “Consequences, schmonsequences – so long as I’m rich.”


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Legislative Loophole For Fruitloops


Anne Aly
Counter Terrorist Expert

The story so far …

As the giant blood-sucking tentacles of the evil Chinese Emperor Xi Jinping reach out to encircle and tighten their strangle-hold on the much-coveted prize of Terra Australis, the search for more dirty-rotten collaborators within continues apace. The wretched spy Dastyari has been caught red-handed lining his filthy pockets while subverting the State, and will soon face the people’s wrath for his treachery. Humiliated, the smug snotty smile finally wiped from his face, Bob Carr breaks down in tears after confessing to be nothing more than Beijing’s favourite political glove-puppet. But that miserable LNP cockroach, Andrew Robb, remains unrepentant. Denying any wrong doing, he refuses to admit personally handing the Port of Darwin over to the ‘Great Chink’ on a plate while those dickheads in Canberra were fast asleep.
Now read on …


For the first time since 911, Turnbull’s new Foreign Interference legislation (FIL) has the finger of suspicion pointing away from them to another fifth-column: the Empire’s commie-luvvin’ local cheer-squad. The heat has now been taken off Aussie’s caliphate-craving Muslims. Temporarily at least. And their sense of relief these past few days is palpable.

In a long overdue initiative to protect us from foreign  interference and subversion though agents, front-groups and local collaborators the legislation will (among other things) target commie lick-spittles like the traitor Sam Dastyari, who, according to the polls, is the people’s favourite candidate to be first taken out the back somewhere and executed with a bullet in the back of the neck. Because the price was always right, we now know that Dastyari has long been an enthusiastic suck-hole and apologist for China in its evil quest to turn Australia into one of its vassal states.

But, getting back to Islam again, what of the caliphate loyalists and their ‘conniving but still denying’ crypto-Islamist supporters? Shouldn’t the legislation ensure that these crazed fruit-loops – skulking about and bashing their heads on the floor five times a day as they do – shouldn’t they be forced to face the firing squad for subverting the state as well?

My sources tell me they don’t even rate a mention in the proposed FIL (a search on ‘unhinged, sicko supporters of one unhinged, sicko ideology’ turns up empty). And of course nothing about arresting them, rightfully denying them a trial and then (ideally) subjecting them to a range of cruel and unusual tortures before their swift execution. (Let’s face it, most sensible people would agree this to be perfectly reasonable under the circumstances.)

Keen for an expert’s opinion on getting round this legal loophole, I give the famous Australian Counter Terrorism expert, Anne Aly, a call. How would Anne recommend the FIl be amended to deal with that other filth resident among us, whose definition falls outside the FIL’s terms of reference?

As an example, I tell her, there’s this particularly weasely Muzzie in WA who, while pretending to represent the interests of the good people of Cowan, openly pushed for the expansion of Section 18C to include Islam’s blasphemy laws. Not only that, she brazenly cheats, lies and dissembles about her Egyptian citizenship so that she won’t be thrown out of Parliament on her surprisingly pretty little arse. Doesn’t she, like Dastyari, equally deserve to be arrested, tortured then summarily shot for treachery as well?

Next episode:
Bob Carr effectively argues his case: “Would you rather have a mosque or a Chinese take-away on every corner? The choice is yours.”

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Go Israel!


Trump’s excellent and timely decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem is to be truly welcomed. For anyone with a backbone, it has always made complete sense to locate all foreign embassies in Israel’s rightful capital, rather than somewhere else as demanded by a bunch of murderous Palestinian terrorists.

Anyone with half a brain will know that archaeological evidence proves the Jews have been connected to Jerusalem for over 3,000 years. Muslims, on the other hand, fabricated their sacred claim to the city (and only relatively recently) based on the fanciful, clearly deranged story in The Koran of Mohammad jumping on a winged horse and flying off into the night to some city somewhere. A place some idiot subsequently decided must have been Jerusalem. That Jerusalem is not once mentioned in The Koran, whereas The Torah and The Bible are full of references, also speaks volumes. The Muslim whole sacred claim to it, then, is a complete crock.

But the reason Trump’s excellent decision can’t have come at a better time has to be for its promised entertainment value.  The sight of thousands of Muslim nut-jobs frothing at the mouth and going completely mental in the streets has been missing from our TV screens for far too long, and the PLA’s declaration of 3 days of rage promises to right that wrong.

After interminable, mind-numbing same-sex marriage and citizenship idiocies have been clogging up our thought processes for seemingly years, images of Muzzies going bezerk on the streets again are just what is needed: a good detox, in fact. Unfortunately, footage of cops cracking heads and beating the s**t out of anti-Milo protesters in Melbourne and elsewhere, while admittedly amusing, have been just all too brief. For the discerning and sometimes demanding viewer at least (that is, for me), lengthy scenes of Palestinians self-destructing on our screens again will be a much needed breath of fresh air.

Indeed, the promised three days (hopefully more) of Palestinians rioting, destroying their own property, being shot and generally going nuts on TV again is not just to be welcomed for its entertainment value alone. It will also present another opportunity, as if it was ever needed, to stand up and loudly applaud Israel once more. And another opportunity, for the Israelis to show us all how to face-down the demands of murderous Muslim thugs again.

And watching Muslims go crazy again (possibly world-wide) will also be an opportunity to be reminded once more that the 70 year-old problems and so-called plight of the Palestinians have all been self-inflicted. And that they only have themselves (and The Koran) to blame.

More importantly, three days of rioting, followed by another possible intifada will also remind rational people that, just like the idiotic winged-horse fable, the idea that Israel would be safe to entrust its security to these psychopaths in a future two-state solution is a total joke.

Go Israel! Go Trump!
And, where’s the popcorn?

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Praljak vs Dastyari

Dastardly Sam Bastardyari
“String him up, I say.” (Anon.)

If there was anything lacking in the former Croatian General Slobodan Praljak it certainly wasn’t the courage of his convictions. Despite a bunch of jumped up Human Rights fairies at The Hague this week declaring him a war criminal, Praljak disagreed, and demonstrated his disagreement in spectacular fashion. After proclaiming himself innocent of blowing up the Mostar Bridge during the 1990’s Bosnian war (and, apparently, of killing not a few Muslims – which those Hague idiots for their own private reasons didn’t take too kindly to either), Praljak killed himself in front of the cameras, swallowing a vial of poison.

The question arises: why doesn’t a certain despicable little Australian politician (who shall remain nameless until the next sentence) take a leaf out of the courageous general’s book and spectacularly kill himself in Parliament? Is it too much to ask then, that that dirty rotten traitor and turd extraordinaire, a.k.a. Sam Dastyari – also claiming to be innocent – just follow the general’s example?
Answer: No it isn’t.

In other words, after being rumbled for tipping off one of China’s spies that ASIO was on to him, why doesn’t the gutless Dastyari draw inspiration from the General Praljak’s singular act of defiance and publicly top himself too? After all (his Chinese puppet masters aside) he’d be doing us all a great favour.

If pressed however, Dastyari (being the vile, commie-lovin’ weasel that he is) most likely would argue that somehow his latest act of treachery was comparatively minor. Wriggling and squirming his way out of it again, the slimy-ball would try to have us believe Praljak’s understandable enthusiasm for a Muslim-free Croatian state was somehow a lot worse. Which is of course ridiculous.

Sadly, that’s the other thing (come to think of it) missing from Parliament these days: good, old fashioned, family entertainment.  With this in mind – and the undoubted support of tens of millions of right-thinking people across this great land of ours – I rang Dastyari’s office yesterday to ask why he doesn’t follow Praljak’s example by doing the decent thing too? That is, standing up in Parliament in front of the cameras and swallowing the entire botttle of a slow-acting poison causing him to die a long, slow, horrible, agonising death, convulsing, screaming and puking up his guts all over the place, including all over that really nice parquetry etc, while we all sat back and laughed uproariously. As was to be expected, an automated voicemail recording was as far as I got. Someone with a Chinese accent saying: “Sam not here, now. Please fl**k off.”

A return to the good old days, when a mob could just rush in and lynch excrements like Dastyari where they stood, is now a matter of extreme urgency.

Meantime, a pox on his and all his Chinese mates’ houses.




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Senator Mad Nick McKim

Nick McKimm

Another bleeding heart from Tasmania.
On Friday, using the old Manus Island Refugees defence pretext,  Richard Flanagan elegantly argued his case in The Australian (see my last post) for being immediately committed to an institution of some kind. A place where he can be quietly locked away somewhere with his bleeding-heart writing materials and his buckets full of bleeding-heart tears.

Yesterday it was that idiot, Nick McKim’s turn to apply to be certified. Putting up his hand for similar treatment (the signs of a lunatic were all there) the apparently also thick-as-a-brick Senator from Tassie let loose an hysterical tirade against the government, accusing it of torturing, starving and ‘dehydrating’  the Manus Island illegals.

Of course this was a complete and utterly ridiculous distortion of reality, but fully in line with the typical deranged rantings of everyday mad people. The PNG ordered the facility to be closed – you IDIOT McKim – which meant (logic dictates) that services would be cut off at some point, and only an idiot making the case for his own incarceration in a mental institution would say otherwise. But that’s lefty ideology for you ….

Incidentally, the fact that the refugees refused to leave the facility after it closed underscores their criminal nature, of course. But it would be just too insensitive of me to call these illegals criminals, even though perfectly rational people have always thought of these criminals as precisely that (criminals) just as soon as they (these criminals) tried to take us for a ride by criminally sneaking in the back way like criminals.
So I won’t.

But I digress.
Yesterday McKim felt obliged to demonstrate to all who cared to listen to his blatherings that reality didn’t match his sense of it in any shape or form, that he was obviously of an unsound mind and that he needed to be committed to join his soul mate, Flanagan in an institution of some kind, post-haste. A possible lobotomy sometime down the line would be in order and, let’s face it, a nice finishing touch. And, judging by McKim’s hissy-fit in the Senate yesterday, colouring crayons and an unlimited supply of nappies – unlike Flanagan – would be more than enough to keep him happy in the meantime.

One thing that really caught my attention, however, was McKim’s other allegation: that the Turnbull government secretly trained the PNG police’s goons how to beat up the refugees and their Green advocates. If this turns out to be just another one of McKim’s inventions, the Turnbull government’s inability to go that extra mile for its base will become blindingly obvious once again.

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Paranoia, Histrionics, Fiction.


Richard Flanagan

Apart from The Greens, as we well know, the most vocal of the illegal refugees’ champions and cheerleaders are to be found in the halls of the ABC and SBS Australia-hating cultural Marxists. But a less vocal, just as toxic group of permanently-outraged, bleeding-heart leftist zombies also regularly pollutes Australia’s literary circles and probably the most famous luminary of this very same lefty literati is the famous author, Richard Flanagan.

Unlike many of his peers, however, the ultra-sensitive and highly-intelligent Flanagan (I’ve read and enjoyed a few of his books) seems not to be just another leftist zombie. Far from it. Flanagan, in fact, seems to be deeply and perpetually disturbed.

So totally consumed, is Flanagan, so emotionally involved with the sufferings of humanity and with the plight of his fellow third-world (but not first-world) humans and with the planet as a whole, and so consumed by an obsessive-compulsive fascism disorder (Flanagan sees Nazis everywhere, including in his soup), one can’t help but think that he is just one step away from a psychological break-down. Whereas most of the other refugee advocates seem to be emotionally-disturbed (but are in fact really just utter morons), Flanagan appears to be genuinely emotionally-disturbed. And genuinely emotionally-disturbed about everything. (Excellent writer that he is.)

A case in point.
Writing – or should I say emoting – for The Australian on Friday, Flanagan really fell out of his trolley, unleashing a swingeing, hysterical, conspiracy-theory-ridden, paranoidal attack on the entire Manus thing: on the gulag, on the PNG police, on Australia (‘inventor of a vile form of repression’), on Australia’s IMA deterrence policy and on Peter Dutton.

It was all fantasy of course, but highly-entertaining fantasy. And I couldn’t help but laugh. (All the way through.)

Flanagan’s entertained us with his paranoia before, of course, famously on climate change. However there is also that other equally-stupid, figment of his great imagination: Australian fascism. ‘Fascism’, that is, as in the fascism of preventing hordes of unvetted migrants reaching Australia’s shores. Stopping the boats, in other words, is fascism. (And it’s vile.)

But unlike most of the other typical dick-warts on the Left I think the often hysterical, always highly-strung Flanagan, intensely, to the core of his very being, actually believes all this.

In the documentary about his book The Long Road To The Deep North, Flanagan demonstrated how emotionally-fragile he is, breaking down and weeping on TV, having to be comforted, like a little school-boy, by the interviewer. In Melbourne in 2015 he  went completely bonkers, practically frothing at the mouth, screeching ridiculous accusations of a fascist take-over in Australia by the newly formed Australian Border Police. Totally groundless, of course: the type of hysteria which can only come from someone truly paranoid and overwrought. (Like Flanagan, for instance.)

But I have to say, besides having a gift for paranoia and histrionics, Richard Flanagan also has a truly great gift for fiction. Combined together, however, the result is what rational people would quickly dismiss as the insane ravings of a lunatic (as they do my blog, come to think of it), and Flanagan’s article in The Australian on Friday was a brilliant example of this.
I can wait to read more.

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Manus Triumph

‘Peter The Great’
Ticker-tape parade?

After the latest victory at the now closed Manus Island facility, where the 800-odd IMA (illegal Maritime Arrivals) have been finally forced to bugger off somewhere else, it’s probably a little too early for victory celebrations.  Too early to think about a highly-deserved ticker-tape, victory parade for Peter the Great (Immigration Minister Peter Dutton) and his predecessor Scott Morrison for highly-meritorious services rendered to a grateful, adoring public. And probably a little too early to elevate Tony Abbott to national hero status because it was Tony, of course, who set the ball-rolling when he put an end to the Gillard-Rudd reign of gross-incompetence in 2013.

But is it a little too early to start rounding up and putting on trial for high-treason the IMAs’ criminal aiders and abetters (a.k.a., leftist filth) who have tried to sabotage our national sovereignty and government efforts to prevent all sorts of refuse slipping in the back way? Not at all.

You know who I’m talking about.
That highly-esteemed, Human-Rights lawyer dickhead Julin Burnside (AO, Q.C., commie), for one. And the usual Green garbage: the blathering Richard Dr Death Natale, the blubbering Sarah-Hanson Young and the buggering Adam Bandt. Not to forget that blithering idiot, Nick McKim, of course. These ‘no-borders‘ Australia-wreckers should be held directly accountable (along with Rudd and Gillard) for precipitating the illegal migrant invasion in the first place, and for prolonging it for years by continually subverting efforts to roll back the tide, costing us tax-payers billions.

Sniping, spitting and snarling at our elected government like rabid dogs, these f**kers (for that is what they are) gave us the 2,000 deaths at sea, kept the people smugglers’ business thriving and conned the (alleged) refugees into circumventing our border controls, only for them to end up being incarcerated for years in a certified out-and-out shit hole, a.k.a., Manus Island, instead. These leftist perverts (for that is what they also are) then enthusiastically encouraged the Manus illegals to game the system and to hold out on the promise that Dutton would eventually capitulate.

Why should these illegals’ enablers (yes, let’s be honest: this scum), who did so much to thwart the efforts to secure the sovereignty of our borders from the elitist heights of their inner-city ivory towers – why should they not be immediately rounded up, paraded naked through the streets, publicly flogged and then shot?

The question is rhetorical, so no need to answer.
But if you really want to know the reason, clearly our effete, spineless, lily-livered, limp-wristed and – overall – generally gutless and totally ineffective, leftist, bleeding-heart PM has everything to do with it.
(In my humble opinion.)

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Mugabe: Paragon of UN Virtue

Robert Mugabe

For the UN, it makes perfect sense. In their barely-concealed hatred (in common with Australia’s degenerate Left) for Western Civilisation, they have decided the killer  Robert Mugabe would make a great Goodwill Ambassador for their World Health Organisation.

That this murdering Marxist thug Mugabe should be nominated for this position speaks volumes about the bunch of cretinous UN shits who voted for him. Mugabe, they are effectively proclaiming to the world, is a role-model for his African peers to be inspired by, commending them to follow Mugabe’s example by completely f**king up their own countries – as Mugabe has done to Zimbabwe – while simultaneously maintaining their grip on power. Because, other than that great accomplishment, and a prosthetic penis he had specially made in China, Mugabe has nothing else going for him.

Mugabe was presumably appointed by WHO to advise his fellow-Africans on how to get the same disastrous results in their own countries. And that can only mean one thing: they have to pursue Mugabe’s hallmark policy of ruthlessly purging their respective countries of their entire white population.

This syphilitic (hence the need for a prosthetic penis: to support what little the pox-corrosion has left of his original) tin-pot dictator has been conducting this white pogrom pretty successfully since 1987.

The tactics the semi-dickless Mugabe employs (with a corrupt judiciary in his back-pocket) are pretty basic: send out a bunch of goons to beat-up and/or murder white farmers, seize their properties, forcing them to abandon their farms and to flee the country.  China-cock then hands the properties over to his uneducated, incompetent minions to own and run. Unsurprisingly the result is the present, totally f**ked up state of the country, a largely dysfunctional disaster-zone barely kept afloat by Chinese Afro-expansionist funding.

Given the overtly anti-Western, anti-White, Jew-hating ideology of many of the UN’s constituent members, however, this appointment rings so true. For the corrupt majority in the UN, even beforehand, Mugabe would have naturally stood out as a beacon of light, a paragon of UN virtue. Making him Goodwill Ambassador was just a mere formality.

Having so much in common with the UN’s core ideologues, then, it is there any wonder that the degenerate and morally bankrupt Australian Left hold this equally degenerate, and equally morally bankrupt organisation in such high esteem? (No there isn’t.)

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Lefty Media Mirth

Austria’s New Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz

With the anti-immigrant parties storming to power in Austria on the weekend, a brief look at the leftist media’s reaction to the results promises to be entertaining. Given the scale of this monumental Lefty-crushing event, there should be no shortage of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth therein from which to raise a good laugh.

First stop, CNN.
Their first video headline ‘The Austrian elections should terrify Europeans,’ is a total joke. As is its audacity. Here we have typical manufactured tripe from CNN: planet Earth’s preeminent manufacturer of fake world news. But it’s entertaining tripe. Particularly if it makes you imagine the histrionics after reading it from some of our own immigration cry-babies: blubbering Sarah Hanson Young and David moaning-Minnie Marr, for example. The bursting into tears, the wailing, the beating and thrashing of breasts, the screaming, the moral outrage – all happy, entertaining thoughts causing me to naturally fall about in uncontrollable fits of laughter. Another delight, the thought of Dr Death Natale hearing a similar Aussie election result the moment before he disappears under an Adani bulldozer, adds to the hilarity.

I then check out the CNN video itself, and it doesn’t disappoint. Here we have CNN’s refugee-loving, sob-rag-luvvie Becky Anderson fighting back tears, barely concealing her utter devastation over the result. For this over-emotional, prone to near-hysteria Islamo-luvvin’ CNN reporter feather-brain, this Austrian election result is nothing short of a catastrophy. That a majority of Austrians would actively go against the EU-project and vote to protect their sovereingty and national identity (thereby snubbing CNN, rejecting their treacle-soaked view of Islam) beggars belief. It can only, therefore, be described, as it was with Trump, in Hitlerite terms. There can be no other explanation.

Next stop, The Guardian.
The UK editorial sinisterly describes the results as ‘An old threat in a new guise,’ leaving no doubt that they think Hitler must have caused it too. Cue more laughter.

Suddenly, the Guardian’s George Soros-funded campaign to help usher in the caliphate by demanding borders be torn down and Europe flooded with the world’s Muslim population seems at risk of failure. And if that were to happen, shock, horror, the worthless Guardian might have to take leave of its Lefty senses and go completely out of business.
Another reason for hilarity.

(Note: Why they, CNN and The Guardian don’t just f**k right off and die continues to be one of life’s enduring mysteries.)

Ridiculously over-the-top headlines is nothing new for The Guardian, of course. To give them their due, though, this one is nowhere near as hilarious as the one used last year by their spineless luvvie columnist Stephen Thrasher. In response to Trump’s Election, the headline wailed: ‘This is a terrifying moment for America. Hold your loved ones close.’

Most sensible people in the English-speaking world would have had to take a few weeks off work after reading that one. If not to nurse their multiple cracked-ribs, then to help nominate the pathetic and apparently testicle-free Thrasher for the Comedian of the Century Award.

Good news for the moment, then, in Austria.
There now seems a loose coalition of Eastern and Middle European countries opposing Soros’s plan. Most of which – it’s no coincidence – have experienced, in one way or other, the real, non-CNN-sugar-coated horror of Islamic occupation first-hand.


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David Koch and Media Bimbos

David Koch

Channel 9’s Today host Lisa Wilkinson’s credibility was always going to be a problem after her marriage to the ludicrous Peter Fitzsimons, as well as greatly exacerbated by being associated with that other cretinous Islam-sycophant, Andrew O’Keefe. But at least she doesn’t have to near ruin her career with a weekly TV appearance alongside a third absolute dick,  Channel 7’s David Koch.

Instead, Monique Wright and Samantha Armytage take the hit for her on the Sunrise program, more or less having to accept that anyone with half a brain will never take them seriously again. Last week it was Wright’s turn to be seen dead with the appalling Kochie, this time co-hosting an interview with the inestimable Milo Yiannopoulis.

From the outset, of course, Koch and Wright were never going to be a match for Milo’s reasoned use of the facts, rather than the Leftist group-think they are more accustomed to. So they were on a hiding to nothing from the start.

For those who have been living under a rock, ‘Kochie’, as he prefers to be called (dispensing with the more descriptive ‘dick’), is Channel 7’s particular male media Leftist sock-puppet, chosen, like Channel 9, to regurgitate and spout the PC vomit that constitutes breakfast for Australia’s morning TV viewers, most of whom are probably already far too brain-dead to see any reason to vomit it back up again. It would be a rare moment indeed if any of them were to snap out of their catatonic stupor and switched channels to something more intelligent. A cartoon, for instance.

From time to time Sunrise is also called upon to do a demolition job. That is, to demonise smart people like Milo who dare counter their narrative and expose Leftist mindless group-think for what it is. The emphasis here is on demonise. No actual debate, of course, on Milo’s subjects, such as the great ‘rape-culture’ lie, freedom of speech or Muslim immigration.

Confronted with Milo’s careful reasoning, Koch was naturally unable to provide any argument of his own. Not just because he is a complete idiot, but because he is entirely incapable of comprehending anything falling outside the narrow confines of his tiny, pea-like leftist brain. Instead, Koch’s standard technique was employed, trying to shout down or to outright dismiss Milo’s answers without offering any argument of his own.

At the end of the interview, in response to Milo’s articulate reasoning and citing of facts and statistics, Koch’s final retort “Well, I rest my case.” was conclusive proof of just how remarkably stupid he really is.

I can only assume that the enormous salary Wright receives offsets the sense of utter humiliation she must feel at being seen on the same platform with such an ignorant jerk. Not to mention the accusations of being just another media bimbo that she, like Wilkinson and Armytage, must have to fend off on a daily basis.

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