What Lies Beneath 2



Captain Mona Shindy

The Freedom of Information Act is a wonderful thing, allowing, amongst other things, investigative reporters to reveal what our leaders have been really saying to each other in private, while they pretend otherwise.

Cutting to the chase, the FOI could very well shed some light on the subject of, say, any Islamist subversives our defence chiefs have stupidly appointed to their ranks in the pursuit of ‘inclusivity and diversity,’, when they’d much prefer everyone not to know.

At the height of the Captain Mona Shindy naval scandal in 2015 (see post ‘What Lies Beneath‘, 12/4/16), seventeen “frank” texts were exchanged between the Chief of the Australian Defence Force, Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin and the Navy’s Vice-Admiral Ray Griggs. The Australian newspaper, a crusading giant in the fight against creeping Islamification and PC culture gone berserk, is pushing to get these texts published. That is, The Australian is trying to determine, when the shit hit the fan (when the perfidious Shindy’s subversion started to become public), precisely what the Defence Chiefs’ were saying to each other.

But of course many of us are hoping for much more than that.
My mother (for one) would like to know if either of the Defence Chief’s in their exchange of texts used the term ‘this f***ing treacherous little Muzzie bitch’ at any stage, without which (she asserts) it would be impossible to have an entirely frank exchange of views.

Personally, I would be keen to see daylight shed on the ADF’s attempt at a whitewash, the desperate measures they took while falling all over themselves to slam closed the doors and roll down the shutters post-haste in order to cover up their perverse, leftist inspired incompetence. Specifically: on how they attempted to conceal the fact that, in the name of their ‘cultural change and improving the quality of the workplace’ idiocy, they were happy to freely appoint (allegedly) sneaky, dirty, rotten, treacherous, low-down, duplicitous, Islamist filth like Shindy (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) to key roles in our defense forces.

Additionally, we need to why the ADF were able to close ranks and protect this seditious woman, instead of having her immediately hung, drawn and quartered as any reasonable, clear-thinking, true-blue Aussie would demand.

Whatever, the defence chiefs are forking out tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees (using tax-payer money, of course) trying to thwart The Australian’s efforts. Let’s hope they fail miserably.

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Racism Rubbish

Dan Sultan
Aboriginal activist and ‘musician’

The problem with the allegation that Australia is a racist country is not that it’s true, but that we can’t easily deport deranged activists like Dan Sultan who repeatedly keep alleging that it is. Changing the date of Australia Day won’t make them shut up. Removing statues or adding plaques to existing ones won’t make them shut up. And renaming all our towns, suburbs, streets, mountains, rivers, etc to something non-Whitey-sounding definitely won’t make them shut up either.

They’ll  always find something else to justify their ridiculous claims about racist Australia, just as did that Mad Muzzie Magied (MMM) idiot who regularly complained about the “white as f**k” Queensland population, and about the “unspeakably white as f**k” reflection of her teeth she gets back from the mirror every morning.

And, as I said, we can’t just deport these indigenous whiners, no matter how unreasonable they are, because they were here first, apparently. “NOT the Vikings, at ALL!”, Jacqui Lambie once screamed at me from the bathroom, in a fit of rage after a particularly rough bout of sex, so it must have been her people.

There seems little else we can do with activists like the tone-deaf (judging by his music) Sultan, other than suffer their incessant whingeing every time we switch channels. It’s true, yes, we can always switch the telly off, I guess, because there’s always good movies to watch.

Uplifting stories, full of nostalgia, set in the colonial era, such as ‘Zulu’, for example, where the recalcitrant locals could be slaughtered and mowed down on mass without fearing some senile old bitch on the AHRC later spoiling the fun by having you thrown in gaol on trumped-up human rights violations. Good old days, or not, watching Zulu, however, does run the risk of reminding you too much of how much everyone would really like to smash Stan Grant’s face in with the butt of a Lee Enfield, so maybe not a good movie to watch (more than a few hundred times, that is.)

Then there’s The Vikings movie itself, where you can cheer and clap as the Norsemen  demonstrate how admirably robust and effective their methods of subduing the local populaces were in those days, compared to those of their wimpy, relatively poofy, limp-wristed British counterparts 1,000 odd years later. Unfortunately, the locals being cleaved in two by axes and what-not were often Anglo-Saxons – but I think we’re a lot better for it, don’t you?

But I digress.
If  Sultan just won’t shut up, and we can’t leave him alone in a room with a revolver to do the decent thing, and he can’t be deported, perhaps he can be convinced to take a leaf out of MMM’s book and bugger off to London for a while. Maybe that will make him see sense and stop whining. Not that MMM ever will, unless she drops all that Muzzie shit of hers, but with the non-Muslim Sultan, there is always that possibility he will recognise the nonsense he’s spouting and shut the f**k up.

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Reconciliation Rubbish

Noel Pearson wannabee

Stan Grant’s ridiculous assertion that Cook didn’t discover Australia has had its predictable effect. Inspired by their psychotic counterparts in the US, the Australian Left’s rabid dogs of war have all been rearing, champing and slathering at their bits, waiting for a signal – any signal – to wreak their havoc on the domestic front.

Grant’s pontificating article, under the pretense of ‘reconciliation’, attacking the inscription along with the other ‘monuments of hate,’ was that signal. The vandalism that he’s helped unleash is just the beginning.

It’s abundantly clear that the odious Grant had decided that the American Left generally had a point, and it must be the monuments and White colonial names which were at fault for the sorry state of indigenous affairs. That these, the visible reminders in Australia of people such as Cook or Phillip, are the real root cause, for example, of the physical and sexual abuse presently rife in so many indigenous communities. And so, on top of decades of 100’s of billions of dollars of federal funding, all vestiges of colonial settlement must go.

That is, everything else having failed, re-writing colonial history and/or removing any visible traces of it, according to this arrogant, pseudo-intellectual, Noel Pearson-wanabee (he’s not a patch on him), must be the solution.

But wait: there’s more!
To justify the exorbitant tax-payer funded salary he’s drawing in the service of the ABC’s vile, cultural-Marxist propaganda machine, there’s much more work in the name of ‘reconciliation’ for a pretentious prick like Grant to do.

How about researching and drawing up a hit-list of the monuments, cities and streets bearing the same names of those families (related or not) who allegedly participated in massacres? And what about those involved in the Stolen Generation so-called “genocide”? All surviving evidence and the vermin, along with their descendants who supported this obscenity, needs to be ruthlessly hunted down and held to account. And, following a cue from Stalin, anyone related to or known to have associated with these criminals in the past need to be also exterminated.

And, after rounding up and having shot everyone (plus their descendants) who think you sucked as an SBS news-reader, that should just about take care of Whitey I would say, wouldn’t you Stan? Then, and only then, Australia would finally have reconciliation Stan-Grant-style (which we know is just code for vengeance) wouldn’t we?

Of course, if you think you’ve left someone out of your hate-filled ‘reconciliation’ vendetta, Stan, you can always give that equally-poisonous Race Commissioner Tim Il Sung a call. I’m sure he’d be all too willing to help you drum up more white genocide business if you happen to run out of ideas.

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More Than Sour Grapes?

Gerard Henderson’s assertion on The Bolt Report that Waleed Aly’s New York Times’ public denunciation of Australia’s security policies was an “unhinged tirade” is just his theory. More likely, it was  Aly voicing his frustration with the Turnbull Government for completely ignoring everything he has to say about the matter. Outrage, too, that the faux Aussie credentials Aly regularly flouts (a Gold Logie and scoring a hot, white-chick for a wife) have made no difference, and the anti-terrorism bullshit “expertise” on his CV continues to be recognised for the complete and utter bullshit that it is: i.e., complete and utter bullshit.

And wasn’t there more than a whiff of sour-grapes there in the NYT article, too?
No, not sour-grapes – humiliation. The humiliation that, in spite of his bullshit expertise being totally ignored by the Security Services, mass-casualty attacks on the Australian homeland have been still successfully thwarted?

It would be normal for anyone to feel humiliation – despair, even – under these circumstances. Yes, it really can be tough knowing your advice was either automatically dismissed out of hand because it was completely worthless, or because it was known to originate from a well-known, lying, dissembling and transparently fraudulent little huckster with faux dinky-di Aussie and anti-terrorism credentials – and that it has been treated accordingly. That is, what he has to say dismissed out of hand for either reason. But I can only guess which one. Most likely, both.

And there is another theory. Perhaps Aly’s NYT article was just his way of  expressing his frustration at the Security Services’ continuing successes in spite of his best efforts, period.  But it’s just a theory. (Not mine: I deny it completely.)

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Tim Il Sung

Those who will mourn Triggs’ passing belong to the rogue’s gallery of Leftist shits that really run Australia, chief among whom will be that tin-pot, Franco-Lao side-kick of hers, Tim Soutphommasane.

Representing yet another un-lanced boil still affixed to the Australian body politic, Uncle Tim is unlike hundreds of thousands of other otherwise loyal, hard-working Aussies with Asian descent who are willing to knuckle down and contribute to the country without complaint. Instead, this ungrateful little turd (for that is what he is) prefers to regularly turn on the white hands that initially welcomed him in, snapping, snarling and biting at them like a mongrel dog.

Declining to take a hint from that Sudanese imbecile Yassmin Abdel Maglied (who just buggered off to London to find out if their entire population agrees she’s an imbecile too), Soutphommasane doggedly remains in country. Apart from periodically complaining about the excessive whiteness in the skin colour of those in charge here, he relentlessly scours the newspapers and airwaves looking for anything that deviates one iota from the progressive party line, and to justify the monumental perversity of drawing a $300,000+ salary regularly touts for race-hate business predominantly from the very same white Australian tax payers he seeks to prosecute at every opportunity. Yes, the same tax-payers who let him in in the first place.

Timmy recently moaned about ignorant (white, no doubt) people not being able to pronounce his ridiculous surname, reportedly throwing up their hands in despair, before resorting in the end (my guess) to ‘Fuck-Knuckle’. To be sure, given his official title of Race Commissioner, ‘Fuck-Knuckle’ seems pretty appropriate and slides easily off the tongue. Additionally, it’s a quaint Aussie nickname, reserved for presumptuous little twits, and sensible Aussies will rightly agree that only a ridiculous, tin-pot, possibly Gay panjandrum could possibly object to it.

I suggest, however, that given the powers Comrade Tim Fuck-Knuckle wields, enabling him to summarily ruin anyone for the slightest transgression of speech, perhaps the name ‘Tim Il Sung’ would be far more appropriate and just as easy to pronounce.

Further, I’m willing to speculate on how Tim Il Sung’s manifest hatred for whities is regularly reinforced: every morning while shaving. The reflection of that smug mug of his serving as one of those yellow ‘post-it’ notes, apparently stuck permanently on his bathroom mirror serves as a constant reminder, with every glance, that the little fucker who owns that face can gaol or bankrupt at the drop of a hat anyone who dares utter a word within earshot that evenly remotely sounds like ‘chink‘ . Unlike some of those North Korean commies he’s inspired by, however, he still can’t have them shot for it. At least not yet.

But the downside for Tim Il Sung is that this morning, yellow ‘post-it’ note also serves as an unfortunate reminder that the owner of the said face still can’t have people of any race (round-eyed or otherwise) locked up, much less shot, for remarking on the uncanny resemblance he bears to his just as chubby, just as ideologically deranged and just as repulsive North Korean namesake. No amount of repression and litigation is going to hide that fact.

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Exit, Stage Left: You Secret Black and Midnight Hag

With the despicable Triggs’ imminent departure today from public office, who on earth is going to mourn her passing from the political stage?

Surely not those who have long recognised Triggs as nothing less than a crazed, neo-Stalinist cretin? A maniacal Marxist apparatchik who is now, finally, being put out to pasture? An unlanced carbuncle on the Australian body politic, whose sole raison d’etre (at least according to her sick,  poisonous ideology) was to police and to crush all opposition to the Left’s imposition on Australia’s sensibilities of a perverse, multicultural straight-jacket?

Surely she won’t be missed by those who counted her among the unelected swill that has shut down free-speech in Australia, preventing sensibly-minded people from wanting to, as a matter of course, denounce her as the out and out commie trollop that she is? Surely she won’t be missed by them, even if they wanted to just denounce her in purely factual terms, such as ‘that f**king Triggs commie’, leaving off the word ‘trollop’ so as not to offend her too much, but still making her feel just as gutted as she must have felt when her QUT case got thrown out, or when her humbug was exposed in the Senate and she was proven to be a serial liar? (But mostly because ‘trollop‘ might not be provable in court.)

No she won’t be missed by those at all. Or by any other sensible people.

And surely she won’t be missed by those, who, like me, instead merely wish a complete pox on all her houses, past, present and future? Or those who similarly hope that, like Banquo, the ghost of Bill Leak will come to regularly haunt her, this lying, dissembling, free-speech murdering cow: haunting her during her every waking moment?
No she won’t.


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White Queen Utter Absurdity: Makes Perfect Sense

Alice in Australia-land

In ‘Through The Looking Glass’ the White Queen tells Alice that she sometimes ‘believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.’ If Alice were to go down a nearby rabbit hole and take a glance at the topsy-turvy wonderland that is modern Australia, she would find impossible things happening before breakfast are now a dime a dozen.

On Wednesday another impossible thing happened.
The advocacy group Liberty Victoria (formerly the Victorian Council for Civil Liberties) declared Gillian Triggs – an entirely washed-up, fool of a woman – the 2017 winner of the Voltaire Award for advocating free speech. Voltaire of course is the one who didn’t say, “I disagree with what you say and so I intend to totally crush you for daring to open your mouth,” but quite the opposite. Voltaire, in the vanguard of The Enlightenment, was the very antithesis of the despicable Triggs.

After millions of rational Australians paused to raise their shattered jaws which have crashed to the floor in disbelief, the question arose: how can this possibly be? How can Liberty Victoria (LV) possibly think that this psychotic and self-evidently idiotic White Queen, constantly running around screeching “Off with their heads!” to everyone who dares defy her Marxist speech codes, should be elevated to occupy the same pedestal as Voltaire? Sadly, everything in Australia, it seems, is not becoming ‘curiouser and curiouser’, but ‘idioticer and idioticer.’

To be fair, it’s entirely feasible to think that LV might have got the inspiration for their idiocy not from Through The Looking Glass but from Caligula, who 2,000 years ago decided to elect his own horse to the Roman senate. LV (themselves similarly mad) might well have concluded that awarding the Voltaire award to a complete horse’s arse – who herself has the additional qualification of being, like Caligula, entirely deranged – would be following the same sort of reasoning. Which was none. Both acts were just as ridiculous, and both involved a great horse’s arse somewhere in the story.

Either way, it all comes together quite nicely.
In Australia’s own Alice in Wonderland world, totally awash with leftist absurdity, Liberty Victoria elevating and equating this hideous White Queen and her despicable Stalinist ideology to that of Voltaire really does make perfect sense.

For that reason, the sooner someone ‘offs’ with the White Queen’s head the better. Because unless you’re own head’s been popped as full of the same hallucinating drugs as was Charles Dodgson’s, there is no place in an enlightened Australia for either the despicable Triggs or for the imbeciles in Liberty Victoria who see fit to promote her.

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Bad News Week

Marine Le Pen
France’s Great White Hope

It’s been a bad news week.
Bad news that that Erdogan autocrat, megalomaniac and Islamist par excellence seems all set now to install himself as caliph in 2019. Bad news that, having his bid to join Europe thrown out – if he gets his way and brings back the death penalty for the secular opponents he calls ‘terrorists’ – won’t make a blind bit of difference because Erdogan’s still got Europe lined up for a shafting with the 3 million Syrian refugees he’s holding back, all ready to let loose.
Merde (as Marine would say)

Bad news, also, that only one, single ISIS terrorist was killed after his attack on the cops on the Champs-Élysées because French intelligence services estimate that there is still at least another 11,000 of them still to go. Bad news that at least 30% of France’s 5 million Muslims sympathise with them in some form or another. Bad news that the only hope they have (Marine Le Pen) will probably not win the Presidency and that La Belle France is probably now, as a consequence, well and truly shafted.
Merde, merde, merde, as Marine would say (among other things).

Bad news that Islam’s blasphemy laws helped the Islamist Anis Baswedan get elected to govern Jakarta, the most populous city of a Muslim country located only 200km from the Aussie mainland. Bad news that his Christian opponent, Ahok, was way ahead in the polls before Anis played the blasphemy card. Bad news that Ahok subsequently go thrown in gaol for that very blasphemy (saying it’s okay for Muslims to vote for him) and that the visiting US VP Mike Pence still praised the country for its moderate form of Islam.
Merde (as Marine again would say.)

But the really, really, REALLY bad news – at least for someone like me, sitting at home, gleefully watching, over and over, YouTube footage of jihadists accidentally blowing themselves up – is that Waleed Aly is tipped to win his second Gold Logie tonight. Anticipating the nauseating waves of adulation and suck-holing from fawning luvvies that will ensue should such an obscenity eventuate, I have a stack of sick bags at the ready.

It’s so unfair. If only I had the Photoshop skills to replace the YouTube jihadist faces with that of The Project’s closet-jihadist life would be so much more bearable, and more full of “Joie de vivre,” as Marine would say.

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Extreme Vetting – New Citizenship Test

What a disappointment!
Peter Dutton’s and his new limp-wristed citizenship test to weed out unwanted scum and prevent them from becoming Aussies is a complete let-down. Not just because it lacks the legal enforcement to back it up, but because the normally very able Dutton ignored my pleas to stop pussy-footing around and simplify the test, cutting it down to a single, critical and entirely relevant question. No doubt that gutless PM of ours over-ruled Dutton just to appease his fellow bed-wetters in the Libs and his lefty lunatic mates in the Greens.

For what it’s worth, here is my initial proposal, followed by the revised, more culturally-sensitive version:

Complete Citizenship Test (Initial Recommendation)


Q1. Are you a f***in’ Muzzie?
Yes?: Go to Part 3.
No?:  Go to Part 2.


CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a dinky-di Aussie!


F**K RIGHT OFF back to where you came from.


Revised, more culturally sensitive proposal


Q1. Are you a f***in’ Muzzie?
Yes?: Go to Part 3.
No?:  Go to Part 2.


CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a dinky-di Aussie!


F**K RIGHT OFF back to where you came from – and take your f***in’ mosque with you.

With the mandatory castration of the male Part 3 applicants and confiscation of their centre-link payments before they leave, I can’t see why this role-model for vetting future citizens shouldn’t be the envy of the entire civilised world.

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Surprised to see yesterday that Yassmin Abdel-Maglied’s attempt to disguise her stupidity by pushing the fantasy of her being beautiful, intelligent and well-read has again been given legitimacy by The Guardian’s Life and Style section. Or maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised, for where else does a prize idiot go in such circumstances? It’s a public trash heap, hires mentally-deficient columnists, spouts complete fantasy (“truth” to the Guardianistas) and, what’s more, it’s free!

Wasting vast amounts of column space gushing on and on about her favourite cosmetics and books, the idiocy of calling herself a feminist while sporting a hijab and having Hizb-ut-Tahrir mentor her is completely lost on this feather-brain, Maglied. Instead of reading the fantasist Patrick Rothfuss over and over again she would be much better off reading the seminal work of that well-known Arabian fantasist (you know who) over and over again, and realise what an utter dick she is for going along with that horror show of his.

Likewise, a litre of Urban Decay lipstick won’t overcome the fact that every time she opens her mouth she vaguely reminds one (as David Attenborough once privately remarked to me after first watching her on Q&A a while back) of a herd of crazed Nile-delta hippos attacking a canoe. So that can’t help her cause much, even if I hadn’t subsequently posted it all over the Internet. But, there’s at least a suggestion of it there, I find myself forced to agree. Besides, if anyone knows about these things, it would be David.

Though it is difficult to dispute, at least, that the vast amounts of rubbish Yassmin sprays around when she does open her mouth is closely related to what hippos (and horses for that matter) eject from their opposite ends after a big feed. Though Attenborough wouldn’t necessarily agree with me on that score. At least not publicly.

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