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Las Vegas: The Latest Terrible Distraction

Lydia Shelly Overly feather-brained? (Yes.) You can almost hear them high-fiving each other and rubbing their hands in glee, world-wide. The entire twisted bunch of Islamists and their leftist allies will be over the moon today in the aftermath of … Continue reading

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Veneerial Disease

“Keeping up Appearances” Strolling around Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace back in 2012, who should I meet but the beautiful Princess Nilhan Osmanoglu, a descendent of the last of the Ottomans. It was while admiring a beautiful mural glorifying the sublime occasion Suleiman The Magnificent reclined … Continue reading

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Black and White (Part 2)

“Good Company” And what about that other white ass involved in this case? I speak of that belonging to Cindy Prior’s HR lawyer, Susan Moriarty. It was (I am given to understand) Moriarty’s alleged ruthless prosecution of the 18C extortion racket’s blackmail … Continue reading

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Indonesia vs Australia: To Lie Or Not To Lie

Governor Ahok The planned mass prayer/protest in Jakarta tomorrow – and beyond – threatens to turn into a major challenge for Indonesia’s democracy. Islamists want to see the Chinese Christian Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama Governor of Jakarta charged for blasphemy after he … Continue reading

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18C Thought Rort. That Sought, Amounting to Nought?

Cindy Prior About to be REALLY disadvantaged…? Poor old Cindy Prior Cindy has just missed her deadline to appeal against the dismissal of her 18C case and she is maybe about to become really disadvantaged by having her ass sued off by … Continue reading

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