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Guilt By Association

How to deal with the ABC? Until the leadership is purged, Cory tells me, a special Fatwah of ‘Guilt by Association‘ should be declared on the faux-journalists and the rest of the Stalinist Left affiliates who still continue to work … Continue reading

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Prime Time Entertainment

At lunch today with Cory Bernardi discussing tactics. As to my choice of the term “bunch of parrots” in my earlier Aussie Fatwah post instead of the more accurate “flock of parrots,” he agrees that the latter noun qualifier might … Continue reading

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The ABC – What is to be Done?

Alarmed to read a report that the Abbott government is not intending to cancel the treacherous ABC’s broadcasting rights outright after all, only their totally useless Asian service.  I ring Malcom Turnbull and arrange a meet with a few of … Continue reading

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